Monday, September 25, 2006

A Truly Finished Object!

Last night, I bit the bullet, sat down and finished weaving in all of the ends on my blue pocket sweater. Then I asked Chris to test-drive the brand new camera (more on that later) and take a pic for the blog version of posterity. Ta-Dah!

Once again, my crafts have been a true balm in my life. Nothing makes me feel better faster than fiber on my fingers, whether it's yarn or quilters cottons. Couldn't sleep last night, so I knitted another dozen rows on my Touche. I need help on figuring out where on the cable of my alpaca to start the armpit decreases, so that is set aside for the time being ... unless I decide I want to start on the sleeves!

Here are some progress shots:

My first-ever sock turned its heel over the weekend. Yay!

My Alpaca cable sweater is cabled through three repeats. Need to figure out where the inches and pattern mesh for appropriate cable termination at the neck. Maybe later this week. Math. Ugh.

My friend Beth wore this fantastic V-neck sweater two Fridays ago and I had to make it. Irma gave me some great purple/lavendar vareigated yarn and I bought this purple wool for the bands. I'm going to have to steam the crap out of it, but it looks good so far.

I tried to get some fiber shots with the new Canon that we bought yesterday, but we didn't get home until most of the daylight was gone, so I didn't get anything good. My goal is to stash a bunch of photos that might possibly be worth of "Yarn Pr0n Fridays" (Check any Friday post on Turtlegirl's blog) but I gotta find some time to shoot in daylight before that will happen.

It's been one freakin' long day, so I'm gonna pack up and head homeward. Have a great evening! :)

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