Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Time Distribution

I want to be sewing, but can't motivate to get my quilting cabinet cleaned off so that it will accept a sewing machine. **sigh** Instead, I have been knitting like it's going out of style. Warning, I took these photos on Friday morning. Much progress since then. I'll try for new photos tomorrow.

Here is my sock-in-progress. It now has a short-row heel and about 1/4" of cuff ribbing started.

I have holes at the end of my short rows. Any experienced sock knitters have a suggestion for how to prevent this on future socks? Didn't have holes when I closed the toes, but I certainly have holes on my short-row heels.

This was my cable sweater about an inch before the armpit decreases. it's a modified drop shoulder, so it was a BO 10 stitches each side, then knit away until I get to 8" of arm hole. I"m probably 5" into that process now.

And here's a close-up of the cable. It has been fun and easy to memorize. Plus, the mini-cables on each side of the large motif have been perfect for cabling without a cable needle. Bonus! This yarn, Classic Elite Wings, has also been a pleasure to work with.

This is my last week of general enjoyment for the foreseeable future. I hope to spend it sucking the marrow from life and enjoying this time as best I can. This plan may include a weekend trip to San Luis Obispo with the hubster, but we'll play that by ear for now. I just know it comes to a screeching halt on Sunday morning, since softball season starts back up at 1 pm in SLO that day. Wish me luck!

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