Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of Sneezing and Stockingette

I had a home softball game on Tuesday. It was very windy. At least twice during the game, a particularly large gust of wind blew a WALL of pollen off of the trees in the outfield. It was so thick that for a split second, the scoreboard in left field was obscured.

Our PA announcer asked what that was. When I informed him that it was a cloud of evil yellow pollen, he remarked that "Damn. That tree should be having a cigarette about now!"

Well, I thought it was funny. ACHOO! Now if I could only find an allergy med that worked that I didn't have to spray up my nose, I'd be happy camper!

On to the knitting ...

I've gotten a few inches into my alpaca V-neck sweater. I wanted something plain so that the pattern wouldn't "fight" with the yarn, since I happen to think that this yarn is amazing all by itself.

Lots of people complain about how they get bored with plain stockingette. I have to admit that most of the time, I'm not one of them.

I get so busy with ... life. And work. The Mountain of softball season doesn't seem very daunting when you're in the middle of the hike. But when you're standing at the foot of the Mountain about to start the climb ... well, it has a tendency to bum me out. Stockingette sweaters are simply perfect to fight the mid-season blues.

And let me tell you, I have a five-star case of the blues right about now. I'm tired of my life being unsettled. Although I love my quilting and knitting friends and the resources for those hobbies here in LA, I'm so over this place.

On the drive back from San Luis Obispo last weekend, the traffic changed as soon as we hit Santa Barbara. It got more crowded. More cutthroat. More aggressive. Then we topped the hill on the 101 coming out of Camarillo. BOOM. Sprawl. The Hubster and I just signed and agreed that we're ready to get outta here. Keep your fingers crossed. I think he has an iron in the fire that's starting to get warm.

Oh, and rather than leaving my brown cable sweater in pieces to sit as a UFO forever, I cast on for Sleeve #1 last night

More stockingette. This is not a bad thing in my life right now.

[NOTE: To all of my quilty buddies heading north, have a wonderful time in Asilomar. I want to hear all about it and see pictures when you get back!]

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