Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Thursday?

OK. I didn't even think about joining Turtlegirl's blog ring for Yarn Pr0n Fridays, because I know I'm not reliable enough for her (perfectly reasonable) expectations. If I had a "normal" 9-5 job, I could probably pull it off, but that's just not my world.

However, in the last week, I have acquired some pretty great fiber, none of it at full price. So I'm gonna share some pics!

First, last Saturday the Hubster and I attempted to go to Santa Anita for a day of racing. He likes going to the races. I like the horses and history. He usually goes to Hollywood Park, which is a lot closer to our house. The day was a disaster. We didn't get there as early as he wanted to (maybe he should have set an alarm? Whatever.) and we were unable to get a table in the club area. From that moment on, I wasn't spending a day with the Hubster, I was spending the day with Captain Cranky.

After three races, we decided to punt. At that point, I was willing to do anything to improve the day and not finish it by shouting at each other. I loved Santa Anita. It's a beautiful track and you can see its heyday as you walk around. There's a statue of Seabiscuit in the paddock, and after having read the Laura Hillenbrand book several years ago, being in that place made the story come alive in a way the movie never would.

Anyhoo, after feeding the hubster a yummy lunch, I asked if we could make a stop at Unraveled since we were in the neighborhood. Captain Cranky agreed, so I dashed in and took advantage of their 30% off sale.

This was the yarn that I had in my head that pushed me to ask if we could stop. It's Koigu KPPPM in the "Arctic" colorway. The only problem I have now is deciding if my next pair of socks is going to be out of this color or the green I showcased a week ago.

Isn't it awesome? I can't wait to play with it. Gotta finish the second toe-up short row heel sock first.

After confirming that there really was a sale going on, I explored a little bit more. And I found this. Malabrigio Worsted Weight. 216 yards. Color is "Oceanos"

I got two skeins, so I have about 430 yards of it. Any suggestions? I'm kind of thinking about making this scarf. There is a green that's amazing too, but this blue ... I just couldn't resist.

And finally, last night I went to Beach Knitting for their super-secret Spring Fling sale. I went in specifically to get this yarn. It's Misti Alpaca, baby alpaca in worsted weight. The close-up (below) is almost perfectly "true" in color.

It's going to be a V-neck pullover sweater in stockingette. It's such a beautiful variegated colorway that I don't want any pattern that's going to fight with the yarn. Just let the yarn be itself and shine.

The store wound up getting SLAMMED, so I wound up staying an extra hour or so and just helping all the customers that wandered in for the night. It was fun!

The hubster and I are going up to San Luis Obispo for the weekend. We are planning to stop at The Treasure Hunt in Carpinteria on the way up there tomorrow. Don't I have a great hubster? We're spending Friday and Saturday nights with friends who live in SLO. Then my softball season starts up again on Sunday, and my free time will disappear into nothingness. Oh well. At least I have plenty of yarn to keep me busy between then and when I get my life back at season's end!

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turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh that koigu is fabulous! And the Mmmmmmalabrigo too!

I swear I hadn't read your blog yet when I replied to your last e-mail. Hee!