Monday, April 16, 2007

Curses! Foiled Again!

This shot was taken on Friday night at my favorite hotel after my first of three attempts to turn the heel of toe-up sock #2. I was on about row 37 of the 40-row turn when I got it totally screwed up. I can tink and fix lots of things. Short-row patterns are not in my repertoire. Yet.

I screwed it up again on Saturday night, buried Roaming Tigger in frogged yarn again, then got it right on the third try. I have holes at the end of the short-row heels same as I did on sock #1. Any suggestions? At this point, nothing is going to change on this pair of socks since I'm almost 3" into the ribbing, which is good. I'm itching to get started on the koigu jaywalkers.

Sorry for the long absence. It was a long busy weekend at my favorite hotel in Oregon. Roaming Tigger had a fantastic field trip with lots of photos. I'll do a longer post tomorrow when I have (hopefully) slept off my headache. It was also a short day in the office today ... left early to see a doc about a cut on my shin.

I don't want to gross anyone out, but two weeks after the injury it's still pretty icky, hence the trip to a doc. The good news? It's not infected, just having trouble healing since there isn't a lot of extra skin right on the shin bone. FYI: that's not a good place to get a cut, and if you do get a cut there, go straight to a band-aid with neosporin or something of that ilk. Get that thing healing fast!


SJ said...

I inevitably get small holes with both short-row heels and heel flap/gusset heels. I've tried all sorts of fixes, but usually I just wind up taking some extra yarn on a needle and sewing up the area on the inside when the sock is done.

Lisa said...

At least the socks will match... And what injury???