Thursday, April 05, 2007

This, That and the Other

I got home early on Tuesday afternoon. I was sure that the Cotton Shop was open until 7, so I hung out with the hubster for a little bit until he went to get in his workout, then went on my merry way to go get the flannel for the X-Block baby quilt that I want to sandwich and quilt tomorrow (Friday) night at Bearly. Apparently, they close at 6, not 7. Shazbot!

Yesterday went slower than I wanted/needed it to, and I couldn't get back down to Redondo before everything closed up at 6. So I planned for today. I came in early, plan to get all of my work done and leave early afternoon so I could check out the big sale at Beach Knitting and get my flannel for said baby quilt.

Now I have to go to the end of practice. SHAZBOT! I have a jerry-rigged backup plan. If that doesn't work, I won't be able to leave campus before 4:45 if everything works perfectly. With our lovely LA traffic, I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting the 16 miles to the Cotton Shop before it closes at 6.

Not quite sure what I'll do if I can't get to the Cotton Shop tonight. Maybe I'll hope that the traffic gods will smile on me once again, so I can hit Quilters Dream (their website seems to be down at the moment) on my way to Bearly tomorrow night. Why not just get the flannel back at Bearly? They don't carry flannel! Can't go to Cotton Shop tomorrow morning b/c I have a game tomorrow and have to be at the field by 11 am.

Meanwhile, I picked up my traveling sock yesterday for the first time in weeks. I even got about 1.5" knitted on it! I'm thinking with my travels over the next few weeks, I can get this done in a decently timely fashion. Then, helped on by the advice of sock guru SJ in Pittsburgh (a great new--to me--blog I found via The Harlot) , I plan to cast on Jaywalker in the light blue Koigu:

Whaddaya think? Sound like a good idea?

Meanwhile, back in reality, I finally finished the second KnitPicks Slipper Sock. Pictured with the first 1/6th of the I-cord. Need another 30" of I-cord, then can have a BIG felting party. I have three pairs of Fuzzy Feet to attack (felt) along with these slipper socks. Also need to knit the non-felted cuffs for these puppies. Favorite tape measure included for scale.

Love the yarn. Pattern is fun. I always get stuck trying to find the time/energy to actually do the felting. *sigh*

After I-cording for a little while, when the hubster got home (he worked mens' volleyball last night), I figured I should go ahead and join the second ball of yarn for my Alpaca V-neck

I was quite pleased that although the patterned pooling seems to be continuing, It doesn't scream "HEY! HERE'S WHERE AMY JOINED THE NEW BALL OF YARN!" that was probably my biggest fear.

If you can't figure out where I joined the new ball of yarn, 1. YAY, and 2. I photoshopped in a little blue arrow on the right to help you out.

Please cross your fingers that the re-worked afternoon schedule in my head winds up being feasible, and that nobody decides to have a Car-b-que on the 405 this afternoon.

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SJ said...

Thanks for the new nickname!

That Koigu is just gorgeous -- reminds me of that blue and white Deflt china. Can't wait to see how it knits up in the Jaywalker.

Those felted slippers with the i-cord -- is that Sock Memories Yukon I spy?