Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yep, faucets. The kind you find in your bathroom and kitchen. That's what the hubster and I were doing last night during the game. Went to Lowe's, where we sat around for a lifetime about an hour to get the work order done since neither of us has the time/interest/tools to install said faucets by ourselves.

If I wanted to stay in this house for any length of time, I'd be pushing for either a full master bath remodel or a kitchen remodel. Instead, we're replacing the fixtures for both upstairs bathroom sinks and putting tile on the bathroom floor, plus a new kitchen sink fixture. Major improvements for minimal cash output that will help with resale. Let's just all cross our fingers that we'll be trying to sell the place before too much longer, OK?

After splitting an entree at Claim Jumper (yum!), we got home at about 8:45, just as the hoopage was coming to an end.

I knitted a very little bit, we watched Dancing with the Stars, I started reading back entries on a new Pittsburgh knitting blog I found via the Harlot, and that was that.

I do have some progress shots, though, and one needs an opinion!

This is the first sleeve for the brown cable sweater. Exciting, huh?

This is the back to the misti alpaca v-neck. I'm not sure I'm in love with the "X pattern" that it's making. It's obviously releated to my gage, which has been pretty consistent since I got about an inch off of the 1x1 ribbing.

Do I frog it? Do I live with it? I really don't want to do the "alternate balls of yarn" thing. Since this is the back, I may just live with it and hope the front doesn't stripe the same way.

HELP! What would you do?

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SJ said...

OMG, that is the coolest pooling I have ever seen! DO NOT FROG! Just tell people that you are a super-talented knitting and (ready? this is your new mantra) YOU MEANT TO DO IT THAT WAY. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- always nice to hear from a fellow Pittsburgher!