Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Toys

Baxter's "leg warmers" are done. No new photo, because they look exactly the same as they did in the last post, just without needles in the 2nd cuff.

Anyone want to place a guess on when I might do the felting? *sigh*

I also picked up my traveling sock yesterday for the first time in a few weeks. No new picture of that either, since it looks exactly the same as it did in its previous photo-op (here).

My latest KnitPicks order arrived yesterday. Woo-Hoo!

It was half needles and half sock yarn.

I bought the two colors of Memories that I had seriously considered, then discarded, for the slipper socks projects. On the left is "Cape Cod" (more impressive in person) and on the right is "Fly Fishing" (way more disappointing in person). In the middle is 2 skeins of Gloss in dusk. I like that one. About as much as Cape Cod. The Fly Fishing? Not so much.

But the really fun part of the order was needles.

Knit Picks 6" DPNs in US 0, US 1 and US 2. Two pairs of 16" circs in a US 2. I did a Koigu swatch last night on the 1 and 2 DPNs. WOW. I LOVE THESE NEEDLES! They are exactly what my sock knitting mojo has been missing. I hope to zip through the remaining sock on the icky bendy Bryspuns I'm currently working on (I'd switch needles, but I don't have any other needles in this size) and cast on in the light blue Koigu for a pair of Jaywalkers.

Here's the back of the V-neck sweater, finished and awaiting the front for a three-needle bind off. Love the patterning on the top and bottom. Not over the moon with the pooling in the center, but I can live with it. I'm mildly nervous that it's a little too narrow, but I'm just gonna go with it.

That's it from chez DPUTiger tonight. Gotta get packed for a work trip. Three work trips in the next 12 days as a matter of fact. *sigh*


Jen said...

Ha! I also bought the KP fly fishing and was pretty disappointed with it in person. Oh well - live and learn ;)

SJ said...

But it looks so pretty in the picture! Is it that different in person?