Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camera Clean-Out

I take most of my pictures on the Nikon D90 I got for Christmas. But my Canon point-and-shoot takes better Roaming Tigger photos and is easier to bring along on “outings.” It’s been a while since I downloaded the photos on my Canon, but I did that tonight. Let’s see what RT and I have been up to!


This was a quilt shop in Salem, Va. Located basically halfway between my hotel and the field for the Division II softball championship. Great shop, and I got a LOT of fabric for an average price of $3.50/yard if I remember correctly. That was part of what I did on birthday-eve. Which was in May. No website, but if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth stopping by.


On my actual birthday (May 24), I managed to meet up with Zarzuela and HWJF (her fiancée) for dinner in Roanoke, Va. It was a nice coincidence that they were in Roanoke for an overnight stop en route to bassoon camp while I was in Salem for work. Great to meet them both, and it was a wonderful way to spend my birthday evening!


About a week later, I was in Norman, Okla., which is only about half an hour south of Oklahoma City, home of the Women’s College World Series. In July of 2008, I got a desperate Ravelry message from “L” of L&B Yarn Co. begging to purchase two skeins of a discontinued Noro Silk Garden from my stash. I agreed, and she sent me a VERY VERY generous gift certificate. Which I spent on my visit. Awesome!


While at the Lake on vacation the first week in August, Mom and I field tripped to The Quilt Farm in Boston, N.Y. It’s not close to much of anything, but they have a HUGE amount of fabric in that barn (website says 7,000+ bolts. I believe it!) and it’s well worth the drive. Roaming Tigger stayed at the cottage that day, which is why he’s not pictured. Beach bum!


The next day was the opening day of the TKGA/CGOA Show in Buffalo. While lots and lots of knitters were having a blast at Sock Summit, I was at this thing. RT and I got two skeins of sock yarn and two pieces of jewelry. Marketplace was “meh.” We didn’t do classes or anything else, just the marketplace.


RT wanted to play with the buffalo in the convention center lobby on the way out


We thought the colorful one was much more fun.


On the way home, we stopped to buy booze


Drove down Rt. 20, which is now the Tim Russert Memorial Highway


Which takes you past Ralph Wilson Stadium (it’s hard to take a good RT photo from a moving car)


And evidence for why I haven’t cast on the second sock for my pair-in-progress. They’re bleeding like nobody’s business. I don’t even carry the yarn with my left hand (the hand with rings). That’s the hand that pushes stitches up onto my left needle to be worked. No fun! You can see the path of the working yarn on my right – ringless – hand. It’s a recipe for SSS (second sock syndrome).

OK! Now you’re all caught up. We’ll see what bloggy things I can come up with this week.


mehitabel said...

Fun pictures! Looks like you've had a few adventures..and the blue fingers look like a particularly bad dye job. How easily does it wash out?

Bezzie said...

Nice downloads! I wish we had more quilt/fabric shops around here.

Ugh on the bleeding socks. I can't stand that. Is it staining your needles too?

SJ said...

Lovely fingers! ;-) Look at it this way -- at least you're finding out now what the yarn does to you, rather than after you've finished the socks and worn them for a day. Can you imagine what your feet would look like?

turtlegirl76 said...

Good Lord it looks like you killed a smurf! What yarn is that?

Jen said...

I love finding photos that I've forgotten/taken months ago. Looks like you've had fun!

Donna Lee said...

Looks like you and RT have been having fun. I've never run across yarn that bled quite that much. Can you wash the rest of it in some vinegar/water to set it?

Jessica said...

Your post definitely gave me flashbacks, not only to our lovely evening in Roanoke, but to some of my old stomping grounds! It's been a while since I've been past The Ralph. *sigh* My kingdom for a decent chicken wing!