Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SuperSherpa to the Rescue!

We all know I enjoy knitting socks. And that I want to be Cat Bordhi when I grow up. But in one of the few “boy, that was the right decision!” moments of the Craptastic Summer of Suck™ just a few short days before registration opened, I decided that I was better off staying home this summer rather than trooping to Portland, Ore., for Sock Summit.

Holy crap, was that ever the right decision!

Anyhoo, I “knew” a number of knitters who made the trip to Portland, or were fortunate enough to already live there.

The Sock Summit store was open for orders from anyone, but your goods had to be picked up in person. There was only one person I could possibly ask to Sherpa for me (translation: pick up my SS swag and ship it back to Pittsburgh). A Turtle!

Cristi picked up my swag first thing. I got a text message confirming receipt on arrival day! I’m assuming it was a trouble-free transaction. If it wasn’t, she never let on.


I ordered a hooded sweatshirt, logo buttons in both sizes and a clip-light. Hoodies are my favorite and I have a “thing” for buttons.

I sent Cristi money for postage with a little extra to see if she could find some stuff in the marketplace that I might like. And to get something for herself as a "handling fee." Of course, she found some amazing stuff in the marketplace


We’ll meet that yarn in a future Yarn Pr0n Friday post (this week? Maybe if I write it tonight …) but in the middle there is a nifty Sock Summit notebook. Lined on the top half of the page with graph paper on the bottom.

So YAY for internet friends and YAY for getting a little tiny taste of Sock Summit. Even though I wasn’t able to attend.

And a very big thank-you to Cristi. I'm lucky to have friends who (have great taste and) help to enable my sock yarn habit.


Jenn said...

What is that colorway of STR? It's making me drool!

Jen said...

Cute design on the sweatshirt!

SJ said...

Nice swag!

Bezzie said...

Ha ha,yeah Cristi wouldn't steer ya wrong!

Donna Lee said...

Good thinking on your part. I just resigned myself that I was not going to fly across the country to attend. I enjoyed it vicariously through different blogs and ravelry groups.

Zonda said...