Monday, August 24, 2009

How Do YOU Spell Relief?

Right now? Today? G-U-T-T-E-R-S

One of the more recent chapters in this Craptastic Summer of Suck ™ has entailed water in our garage and basement. This happened (for the first time in the 38 years my family has owned this house) because the gutters on half of the front of our house failed in spectacular fashion.

This has been the rainiest summer I can remember. And what happened every single time it rained here?


See the wet stone on the front of the house? That’s not from rain blown into the wall.


You can see the stream of water coming out of the gutter instead of going down the downspout like it’s supposed to. The gutters had also pitted out so badly that the water was going down the face of the house rather than, you know, into the gutters and down the downspout. This caused lots of water in the garage and a little in the basement. Eww.

So anyhow, we finally got the gutters fixed today. Fantabulous!

First up was ripping down the old gutters on that section of the house. We hired a great roofer who believes in not replacing things until they have officially worn out. I'm good with that.


It came down in pieces.


The piece of wood underneath looked gross until my buddies Riley and Bob scraped it down, at which point it actually looked fine. (Surprise!)


Because gutters are boring, here is a gratuitous puppy picture:


Back to the roof. The cool bendy thing that the roofers bought and I didn’t photograph created sheet metal to cover the wood that attaches the gutters to the stone.


New gutters! Woot!


Puppy got a bone today. It looks gross because she had buried it, then un-buried it. She was quite concerned about where she should stash the bone before she really started working on it


The final step in the process was to put a coat of co-poly (that's the red stuff. This is a before/after photo all in one!) on the copper facing of the dormer windows. The pink parts show where that copper was starting to pit out, but we took care of it in time. Yay!


Of course, I forgot to take a full front-o-house shot before it got dark, so you’ll just have to deal.

But bottom line? We have functioning gutters again. And I can sleep at night instead of waking up every time it rains completely convinced that water is coming in through the roof/ceiling. Hooray!


Trillian42 said...

Yay new gutters! That's coming up for us, too. We've got bits that have pulled loose and are too high for us to reattach.

Zonda said...

Glad you got the gutters replaced in time!! Our next project is replumbing the house...we have subpar plumbing that they thought was the "cool" plumbing..yeah right it sucks!

Jenn said...

Yay gutters!

Sidney's forehead wrinkle kills me. So cute! Rufus worries over where to hide his cookies sometimes. Sometimes I'll go fishing in the chair to look for a knitting needle and find a Trader Joe's Peanut Butter dog treat instead.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Yay for new gutters! Before we replaced ours, I used to wake up every time it rained, because I could hear the water overflowing, spilling out, and slapping onto the windowsill of the windows below (of course rotting them out). All better now.

Puppy looks so worried with that furrowed brow in the bone picture!

Bezzie said...

So now your mind is officially out of the gutter?

SJ said...

Hooray for new gutters! It's such a relief not to have to worry every time it rains, isn't it? My parents always had water in the basement when it rained hard when I was growing up. We used to have to run down and get out the wet vac before it soaked everything. Eventually they got a sub pump put in -- so much better. It's amazing what a few repairs can do for your sanity.

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay for shiny new gutters! And Yay for Condos! I'll never have to deal with that.

Jen said...

Oh, you do have a lot of stone for repointing! :( Love the dog photos. :)