Monday, August 31, 2009

Snoopy is Dancing

Doesn't he always look SO happy when he's dancing like that?

So what happened in the land-o-DPUTiger today?

Well, we designated August 31 as the honorary end of the Craptastic Summer of Suck™


That’s all the stuff belonging to Teh Crazy Lady (aka former boss), just before I took it to be boxed up and shipped back to the home office.

Which means that she’s now permanently out of my life. I’m still a little sick about being unemployed, but never having to speak to Teh Crazy Lady again is a huge bonus. Yes, I will be screening calls from her area code for the foreseeable future.


The Smurf Killer socks, following a three-day sprint, are also out of my life. They’ll get a well-documented bath tomorrow and will be headed for a FO-to shoot as soon as they’re dry. I’m almost as happy that these are done as I am to be done with Teh Crazy Lady.

Next knitty project is already on the needles. I have a few morning errands to take care of on Tuesday (September! Yay!), then I plan to spend the bulk of the day in the Dungeon, cleaning up and sewing.


turtlegirl76 said...

Lemme join on in that happy dance for you!

Zonda said...

I'm joining in too! Yay for you!

Bezzie said...

new chapters!

Jen said...

Hooray for a new start! Have fun sewing today. :)

SJ said...

Congrats on getting those two pains done with and (in the case of the crazy) out of your life! Here's to a fabulous fall.

Donna Lee said...

I like the colors in the smurf killers. They do look better on the socks than on your fingers, though.

Jenn said...

Having less of Teh Crazy is always a good thing!