Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New and Improved

Now that the odious stuff that I was working on is long gone, I have two brand-new WiP’s to share with you!

I finished the Smurf socks (FO post coming, probably tomorrow) on Monday around 4 o’clock, then hustled off to ship the work computer back to whence it came.

Within half an hour of getting home from that excursion, I was swatching for the Mondo Cable Vest. I cast on later that night!


It’s the store KAL at Bloomin Yarns starting next week. I just jumped in for a little head start! Absolutely loving it so far. I unzipped the provisional cast-on last night and split for the front of the vest. Whee!!!


Last night, the Hubster and I went to a free preview concert for the Pittsburgh Pops (fun!) and I needed something to knit on the trolley into town and while we were waiting for the show to start. So I grabbed a skein of Jitterbug and hit the road.

These socks are for my sister in law. Small feet. Riverbed socks. Perfect!

Oh, and I have these hanging around


I’ll explain later.

Happy Hump Day!


SJ said...

My, isn't that intriguing!

Jen said...

I'm intrigued by the big rainbow pile...bringing it tonight?

Zonda said...

Interesting bottom picture ;) I'm going to be knitting the Mondo cable pulli...well after I finish my FLS...Love the colorway you chose!