Monday, September 07, 2009

Guess Where I Am?

I’m spending this week at the Lake. It’ll be the last full week I spend up here this year, so I’m hoping I have the weather to enjoy it.

Today (Monday) was overcast from start to finish. These sunset photos are from yesterday (Sunday). I did get a good haul of glass today. I’ll take pictures of that tomorrow.


The lake has been very calm for quite a while from what I hear. The clarity of the water makes me think it’s been at least a week.


I was virtually alone on the beach, despite the fact that it was the middle day of the holiday weekend.


I had my beach chair and was parked down there for the sunset. Which was around 7:40 pm. I am so NOT OK with that. Proof that summer is nearly over, which bums me out a bit.

Then I remember that this has been the Craptastic Summer of Suck™ and that helps to remind me that the end of summer is a good thing.


Have a good short week, everyone!


Zonda said...

Onward to fall I say! Beautiful pictures! Enjoy the rest of your week there!

Bezzie said...

Nice way to end CSoS for sure! Enjoy your week!

turtlegirl76 said...

Have a great week! Relax!

SJ said...

On to Fantastic Fall, anyone? ;-)

Jen said...

Fingers crossed for great weather for you this week!

Trillian42 said...

Beautiful pictures. Enjoy the lake!