Monday, September 14, 2009

Love and Hate

I have a day and a half left at the Lake for 2009. I was in Pittsburgh on Saturday and came back up here that night.

Sunday was a perfect beach glass day.


Notice I’ve switched my “for scale” object in the photos. That’s because of the one piece of glass just to the right of my phone. It is the largest piece of beach glass I’ve ever seen, by far. Let’s have a closer look…


Yeah, the other pieces closest to my phone aren’t too shabby either. The one directly above is probably close to an inch thick. Oh! And I also found my first-ever marble that same day. See?


Today was another good day. Here’s my haul from my “primary” walk, around lunchtime today:


Not too shabby, I’d say! The half-round just to the left of my phone is a really nice piece I found at the tail end of my walk


So that covers the “love.” What’s the hate?


Bugs. Well, Ladybugs. I don’t know anything about the life cycle of this insect, but the beach has just been infested this week. There are long stretches where it’s impossible to walk without stepping on the damn things. And when they land on you they stick. Yuck. Yeah, I know there are all sorts of cute Ladybug stories and there’s something about letting the bugs stay on you and make a wish or some crap like that? I’m over it. They’re gross.

We had a decent sunset tonight


And on my way back up to the house, I ran into a couple I’ve been noticing all summer. Why have they stood out so clearly? Because of this guy:


Meet Sam. He’s a very large very old dog whose hind end doesn’t work so well anymore. So this is how he goes on his walks.

Cute, huh?


Bezzie said...

Nice haul! I like the marble.
Yeah ladybugs and fall (or spring) go hand in hand.
Do you think I could get a walk around the beach being pulled like that SAm? Ha ha!

Jen said...


Enjoy your last day at the lake. :)

SJ said...

Ladybugs are cute if there are only one or two of them. Hundreds? Not so much. Years ago, when I was living in my apartment here, we had some weird infestation of ladybugs in one of the stairwells. It was disgusting.

Jenn said...

I usually make fun of people who walk their dogs in strollers, but I think in the case of elderly St. Bernards, they get a pass. What a cute dog! Tom has always wanted a St. Bernard and I always said no, they're too big and now that we HAVE a big dog, they don't seem so big anymore.

That marble? is AWESOME.

Tom hates ladybugs with a fiery passion. I think they're cute, but when they reach infestation proportions...well, ICK.

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow! What a haul! That marble is too cool. Have a fun last couple days!

Zonda said...

Wow, you did awesome on your beach glass haul! Awww cute dog...sigh, glad he still gets some fresh air. Another pretty sunset!