Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My last full day at the Lake in 2009 is complete. Well, it’s a little past complete. I’m up past my (self-imposed) bedtime and have a very full day that will start early (for me) Wednesday morning.

So how did I spend my final day in paradise?

Woke up at a semi-reasonable hour. Took a two-hour walk on the beach. Located a pretty impressive quantity of glass:


It has been the easiest thing in the world to walk out the door for a two-hour walk when I know I can pick up beach glass over those 5,000+ steps (I wore my pedometer today). Here’s hoping I can keep up a somewhat similar quantity of exercise when I get back to Pittsburgh. Working out daily is going to be my job. Right? Right!

After returning from my walk, I scrounged a bit of lunch, started some laundry and went to the beach for nearly two hours to read trashy novels and listen to the waves. We had a cold-and-dark snap this afternoon, then I took a mini-walk on the beach at sunset.


Wasn’t much of a sunset …


That first shot (above) is about 20-25 minutes before the sun actually set, but was the closest thing to a sunset that we had this evening.


And I was reminded that I never made it out on the kayaks this summer. Then again, I wasn’t here all that much.


Once it started getting too dark to be on the beach, I ambled on down the beach to visit my dear friends the Blackburns for the final time this summer. I spent about an hour with them before heading home to putter around and mentally prepare to scram tomorrow following my morning beach walk.

I hope I haven’t bored all of you to tears with my pictures of glass and sunsets. We’ll get back to the regular blog fodder shortly.


Bezzie said...

Ah bummer that it's over!!!

Jen said...

If you had a dog, you'd have to take daily walks. Just saying. ;)

SJ said...

Hey, reading your beach posts has been like having a vicarious vacation!

turtlegirl76 said...

Aww last day =(

Donna Lee said...

Not boring but somehow nostalgic.

Zonda said...

Ditto on the awww last day :(!

Doesn't bore me, I love it!