Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation Wrap-Up

Well, I have another full week of vacation that I’m enjoying … although I’m working a full day at the LYS tomorrow (Wednesday) … but we came home from the Lake on Sunday so the Hubster could go back to work yesterday.

Had a great beach glass day on Thursday morning

Good variety of glass, and a large quantity. But the kicker on Thursday was this:

That blue thing, to the left of the “for-scale” battery, is the largest piece of cobalt glass I have ever found in 30 years. I’m still a little bit in awe.

That night, we had a rather boring sunset

But I was easily distracted thanks to Georgia

She’s a lab-mix rescue who was on the beach with her humans. She’s named Georgia since that’s where she came from!

On Friday, I took a brief speed-walk on the beach and came up with this:

What’s not pictured are the two largest pieces of red glass that I’ve ever seen. My sister in law mentioned red glass at dinner that night, and when I went out for my walk, there were TWO big pieces of red. I hadn’t found a piece of red bigger than the nail on your pinky toe all summer. And in one walk? To find two the size of your thumb? Day-um.

Saturday and Sunday had lousy weather. Rainy and cooler. But I didn’t care. I parked here

In that front blue chair, and read books. All day. It was awesome.

There were other adventures, but those pictures are on my other camera. So I’ll blog them on another day.


Bezzie said...

Well now I want to see the red glass!!! Sounds very relaxing!

Donna Lee said...

I am vicariously enjoying your vacation as I sit at my desk. I can feel and smell the lake from that chair on the porch.

And no sunset is ever really boring.