Saturday, July 28, 2007

Of This and That

I’m a week behind.

It’s nearly midnight on Friday night, and I just finished The Half-Blood Prince. As much as I want to pick up Deathly Hallows right this minute, I need to restrain myself. I need sleep, since tomorrow will be a bit of a “big day.”

The Hubster and I will start with the adventure of the Pennsylvania DMV first thing tomorrow morning. We have an inch-thick manila folder of … paper. Hopefully enough paper to convince the DMV that we have a residence in the Commonwealth, and would they please be kind enough to let us get rid of our icky California drivers licences and acquire shiny new Pennsylvania licenses.

On a side note, I anticipate a day at the DMV tomorrow that will be a tiptoe through the tulips in comparison to the CADMV. I doubt things here have changed drastically since I last lived in this state, and since we don’t need to take tests, it shouldn’t be too awful. However, getting new license plates? That may be the most bass-ackwards system I’ve ever heard of. Believe it or not, the PA DMV doesn’t handle that. AAA does. Yup. Once we have our shiny new PA licenses, we troop over to AAA with that stack of papers and hope we have everything blessed appropriately so we can drive around with “” tattooed on the back of our cars for the next many years. It has been a real adventure to get to this point, since NOTHING on the PADMV site says that this is how you have to do it. It just says that the only DMV processing center for license plates is in Harrisburg. Gee, that’s helpful!

Once we’re through that maze, we hop on the freeway and make our way to Akron. One of “my kids” from the softball team at my old job is in her second season playing for the Akron Racers, and since one of her college teammates is in town to see her play, we’re trekking up to visit the whole group!

I’m very excited to see both of these former players, just keep your fingers crossed that they don’t get rained out. You see, last year the Hubster and I made a special trip to Akron to see this same person play, and they got rained out. There’s a nice solid 30% chance of rain all day in Akron tomorrow. Let’s just say that I’m taking my sock. HP7 is not making the trip, since I figure I’ll be doing just about all of the driving, and it would be rude to read during a rain delay when I can be catching up with friends in the stands. But you’d better believe that Jaywalker #2 is making the trip! My Collinette tape sweater may jump in my bag as well. I haven’t decided yet.

In other news, since I last wrote, we had a pretty good dump of a rainstorm yesterday

The water was coming down the driveway in waves. Literally

The TiVo is connected both upstairs and downstairs (and with the wireless network on both of them, I can move shows from one to the other AND program either/both anywhere that I have internet access! How freakin’ cool is that?)

And I really didn’t get much else done. Entirely pathetic. *sigh*

I know I’m quite late to the party, but I have been listening to a whack of Lime & Violet podcasts and am enjoying them. I think that they are at least partly responsible for my newfound lust for sock knitting, not just sock yarns. After I finish Jaywalker #2, I have a “find my sock groove” plan ready to roll.

My next pair of socks will be knit in the Yarn Harlot style with this lovely skein of Fleece Artist. Inspired by her Knitty Gritty step-out sock hell. Top-down, probably on DPNs.

After that will be the WendyKnits generic toe-up recipe in this well-marinated green Koigu. Since I’ve done one fairly vanilla toe-up sock with DPNs, I plan to bust out the two circs for this pair.

I’m collecting bookmarks of sock patterns to attack my sock yarn stash once I’m through those two pairs. Now it’s just a matter of finishing Jaywalker #2 and figuring out if all of these socks are going to be for my feet or someone else’s feet. Wish me luck … oh, and here’s hoping I can force myself to sleep once I start Deathly Hallows. It has been an unproductive half-week in Pgh house-wise. I need to kick ass around here starting Sunday. Ugh.

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Sarah said...

Hope all goes well at the DMV. I am going to have to camp out there myself in a couple months when it comes time to change my name. Believe me, I am not looking forward to it and I definitely will have my knitting with me.

Have fun in Akron -- I'll keep my fingers crossed the rain holds off!