Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Trials and Tribulations

When the Hubster handled all of the prep work for the move, I knew I’d pay for that on the back end. But I was too busy with work to care.

Now? Yeah, I was right. Yesterday, in particular, kicked my ass.

I won’t truly get into the whole TV situation until I’m happily watching SportsCenter in my living room, but let’s just say that it hasn’t been pretty.

I also spent yesterday (Monday) making phone calls to a pair of work contacts who were both out of the office. (heard back from one today with potentially good news. Yay!), as well as spending a truly excruciating 45 minutes on the phone with our insurance company, updating our homeowners policy in California and setting up a renters policy (since we don’t officially own yet) for here in Pennsylvania.

By the end of the conversation with Insurance Dude, I was so shot that I think I gave him a “market value” on the place in Cali that’s HALF of what we’re listed for. Half. I need to check that online and call them back. *sigh*

Since by 2 pm I felt like I had been hit by a bus, I spent the afternoon finishing HP4, then tackled a puny number of boxes in the basement. All of the “K” boxes are unpacked. I want to tackle most of the rest of the Q’s tomorrow.

Hubster also had a lousy Monday at work, so we had our raincheck anniversary dinner out, then went over to my parents place to sign all of the real estate papers on our new abode. Now we just need someone to buy the damn place in Cali so we can close here!

Today was much more productive. Got an email back from one of the two work calls I made yesterday. Got my online banking ID fixed (yay!). Hopefully got the TV situation fixed (PLEASE keep your fingers crossed!). Called the chick who is hopefully going to get the basement couch and chair the HELL out of my house. Got things in the office and “back bedroom” ready for the boomerang furniture to arrive on Thursday. Oh, and mom and I checked out her favorite local quilt store. Even if the others are at least equal to this one, I’ll be golden.*

What is “Boomerang Furniture,” you ask? Well, when my parents moved out of this house in November, they took very little of the furniture from this house with them. Family in the area was given full shot at most of it, and pretty much everything else was moved over to my brother’s house in Dormont. A lot of it was always intended for the Hubster and I, assuming that we were moving back east eventually. Well, on Thursday, the same guys who moved all of that crap over to Dormont will be moving it right back here. Most of it to precisely the same spots it occupied prior to November.

But you want pictures of what I did today, don’t you?

This is basically what the office, nee “Scott’s Room” looked like this morning. And now?

Ready for what I hope will be the desk that was in my bedroom through high school. We have a list from Erin, but since I haven't seen any of that stuff, I'm not 100% sure what exactly is over there.

No “before” picture, but here’s our guest room, nee “Colin’s Room,” ready for Boomerang Furniture known as “double bed from my old room.” Exciting, huh?

Otherwise, I unpacked a box or two in the basement and washed pillows. By the way, I LURVE my new washer/dryer!

As a final note, I was lazy about posting from the Lake last weekend. Saturday’s adventure included buying a (queen) bed for our room at the cottage (YAY!) and getting fabric for my Pineapple class that will be a week from today up there.

I’m going to do a red/white/blue Pineapple (obviously). The WOW is the “background” fabric (it's a very basic grid, although it photographed as though it's heavily printed. It's not.), and I’ll have reds on diagonal corners and blues on the other diagonal corners. I’ll post pics after Tuesday’s class and drive back down to Pittsburgh.

*Attention M&Ms! The one thing that worries me about this local shop is that when I asked if they have many customers that pin their quilts at the shop, the store employee looked at me and said “pin? What do you mean?” After quickly and quietly picking my jaw up off of the floor, I said “as in pinning the quilt sandwich together in order to machine quilt it.” At which point I was informed that most of their customers either send their tops out or hand quilt. Denise, I may be in touch very soon for details on your new set-up! Advice is heartily encouraged!

Finally, tomorrow is a Big Day. Why? Because it will be my first outing with the "Hurricane Knitters, Fans of 40 Guy" at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble. Wish me luck. I don't think I've ever been to the Waterworks Mall before. I am very much looking forward to meeting SJ and Jen as I have been reading their blogs for quite a while .... and let's not forget 40 Guy!

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