Friday, July 13, 2007


Well, I don’t know that I’m officially allowed to use that acronym since I don’t have a “traditional” job at the moment, but it’s Friday, I’m beat, and I’m at the Lake. That means it’s a good day.

Today was a little piecemeal. Droped off the Hubster at work. Came back home. Started doing little chores around the house while waiting for my mother’s interior designer to show up. We discussed bedroom sets and office desks. It was quite thrilling.

After that was taken care of, I fired up our PC laptop to get to the Excel spreadsheet that the Hubster meticulously maintained during the packing process and wrote down the numbers of the “Q” boxes that contained the stash.

NOTE: Boxes with Knitting stuff have “K” numbers (K1, K2, etc…) while boxes with Quilting stuff have “Q” numbers. High tech and functional :)

So I unpacked. For quite a while.

Here are the bookcases with the stash mostly housed. There’s a lot more “dead space” on the shelves than I would like, so I will probably chip away at re-folding my stash on an 8.5” ruler. Eventually. Not any time soon. But the good news is that three was the perfect number of bookcases for me and my stash. I can grow into part of the third case, and meanwhile I can use that space for other knitty and quilty stuff. The cases are the perfect depth and I think my amazing packing elves would like to know that the stacks that fit in the small moving boxes were the perfect height for the new shelves. Out of the box, onto the shelf. Done! We planned it that way, right? RIGHT! ;-)

This is the left-hand case, and it currently holds Top Shelf (L-R): Random pile, Halloween, Patriotic x2. 2nd shelf: Xmas/snowflake fabrics, Bottom three shelves: random stash

For the right-hand case, I’ll start at the top and say that I’m shocked I only have one shelf of Batiks. Below that are four semi-random stacks of fabric. The 3rd and 4th shelves are flannel. Bottom shelf has WoW fabrics, a Ragg Quilt kit and a bunch of fat quarter or kit packets.

We finally got a call from a local supervisor from DirecTV, and I have been given his direct office phone number and have been promised that we’ll be installed first thing Monday morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

After picking up the Hubster (after an enjoyable and fruitful stop at my new local REI) and driving up to the Lake, we had dinner at the country club with my dad and sis-in-law Erin. It was yummy, and when we finished, it was time for sunset so we stuck around for a few extra minutes. Here’s my best pic from tonight:


Sarah said...

Geez, woman, you have a lot of fabric! Then again, I guess if I put all my yarn stash into bookshelves, it'd be at least that much ...

Anonymous said...

omg! Looks just like the cabinet in RB. The sunset is just fabulous. Sit and relax and read trashy novels for awhile.