Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Bagstopper

Yep. I jumped right in and knit a second Everlasting Bagstopper. I worked a golf outing last Monday and needed some “idiot knitting” to get me through nine hours of sitting at the 15th green.

The bag hanging in front of the Bloomin Yarns stash of 2nd Time Cotton

I cast on Bagstopper No. 2 last Saturday and did just enough over the weekend to get the garter stitch square and stockingette in the round base finished and switch to the lace pattern and US 10.5 needles. Then I put it away, to be pulled out again on the course.

Base of bag with drawstring

And boy, did I ever knit on the course! I got about halfway into my second skein of yarn on the course and had very little left to go when the siren sounded for lightning and we all headed back in to the clubhouse for dinner.

I like having the bead on the drawstring. Makes it easier to close. Again, this was from stash, already in the house.

Another day or so of knitting and I was done. I used the ribbon I had originally purchased for Bagstopper #1 and took a visit to the local JoAnn’s (not the good one out in Robinson, the smaller one closer to my house) for the drawstring.

US Women’s 9 mush sandal for scale

Don’t be surprised if you see one more of these things coming off of my needles. This bag is destined to be a Christmas present for my best friend’s mom. Which is why this bag is in Ole Miss colors, and why I will also need one for Bill’s sister.


Everlasting Bagstopper #2
Pattern: Everlasting Bagstopper
Size: It’s still a bag
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton
Color: Claret
Quantity: Two skeins (approx. 360 yards)
Source: Bloomin Yarns, McMurray, Pa.
Needles: US 5 and US 10.5, both from my KA Switch set
Started: 18 July 2009
Finished: 23 July 2009
Mods: I used Judy's Magic Cast On to start with 44 stitches on each of two needles. Easy to pick up on the sides to get the project in the round. I also used my sewing machine to attach the handles, rather than hand-sewing them onto the bag. "Hand," when it comes to sewing, is a four-letter word in this house! (that means I don't like it and avoid when possible)


Heather said...

very very nice!

Bezzie said...

I like the idea of doing them in team colors. Hmmmmm!!!

Sarah said...

You're going to be churning these out in your sleep soon!

turtlegirl76 said...

Don't you just love the 2nd Time Cotton? Awesome stuff. Love the way this one turned out. When I make one, I'll definitely take a tip from your mods.

Zonda said...

I like this one too!! Go you!