Friday, November 13, 2009

Do the Twist

Yinz all know that I’ve been on a major yarn diet, right? I joined the STASH KAL on Ravelry and have knit nearly 4,000 yards out of my stash since September 12. Oh, and no new yarn (club yarns excluded) has come into this house with the exception of two skeins of Cascade 220 for a Platypus hot water bottle cover since then either.

I’ve been good.

Of course, then I walked into Bloomin Yarns last Thursday. Michelle had gotten a box from Malabrigo on Wednesday. It was tagged for sale on Thursday and three colors didn’t even make it out onto the floor to be sold. This is one of those three colors.

Colors are more "true" in the three close-ups to follow ...

This is … wait for it … a worsted weight plied Malabrigo. It is just as soft as the Malabrigo worsted single you know and love. But plied.


I liked the colors when I first looked in that box (hello, it's Malabrigo …). This particular color is Azul Profundo. It was pretty, but I could resist. Until I touched the yarn.


And I was sunk. Michelle gave me a skein to swatch. I can get 4.5 sts/inch on a US 10 or 10.5 (I can’t remember, but I think it was a 10). I bought all 10 skeins, which is 1,500 yards.


It’s gonna be a Rogue. I can’t wait.


floribunda said...


Jenn said...

4,000 YARDS? In 2 months? You have been a busy little bee!

And I think that as long as you're buying yarn with a specific project in mind, it's not as bad as if you're willy-nilly buying huge amounts of yarn with no purpose other than buying.

Jen said...

So pretty! Looking forward to seeing your Rogue!

Trillian42 said...

Whoa. That's some seriously lovely stuff! What a great color!

And plied, but just as soft as the original? Damn... I'm sunk.

Zonda said...

oooooh um plied Malabrigo! So awesome! Perfect for sweaters! Gorgeous colors ;)

Bezzie said...

Oh very cool--I kinda never liked the one strand of Malabrigo...I mean it was soft and beautiful. But I prefer 2+ ply!

Anna said...

So you visited us on Monday at the store? We got the Malabrigo Twist in TODAY. I have a whole bag of Ravelry Red. It is sooooo gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Plied Malabrigo?! I really did not need to know such a thing existed.

kate said...

Plied worsted Malabrigo? I may swoon. I really and truly may swoon.

Oh. My.