Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selective Procrastination

Hi there! I need to carve out some work (yeah, an actual paying freelance job!) time here momentarily, but I’m taking a tiny little break in honor of WiP Wednesday! Hey, deadlines are my friends!


The Gumdrop socks have gotten a tiny little bit of work here and there. We had Pittsburgh Pops and Rockettes tickets since this time last week and this is my only portable project, so it goes to Heinz Hall and the Benedum Center.

I finished knitting the Christmas stockings. They have taken a bath and are finally dry. I’ll get them lined as soon as I have a little spare time, then they’ll get a FO post.

So that means I needed some TV knitting. I started this on Monday night:


Baby Bobbi Bear! This has gone really quickly and would be even faster if I could read properly. In case you were curious, 31-1/2 is quite different from 3-1/2. I also mis-read some increase instructions on the head, but I’m about ready for both the second skein of yarn and the first round of stuffing. Another Christmas present nearly off of the list!


Anonymous said...

Interestingly the toe of your socks look different colored from the body. Colors are such fickle things.

Zonda said...

Another deadline knitter ;) I really like that sock pattern. Eeek on the bear, I'm guessing you fixed it already...