Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleeve Island

Another thrilling week here at Chez DPUTiger.

There has been a tiny bit of sock knitting


Yeah, that’s the Gumdrop pattern from the July 2008 Rockin’ Sock Club with the kit-provided yarn. I’ll bet you never thought I’d knit that yarn/pattern, huh? Well, I saw Turtlegirl’s and decided I kinda liked them. Once Cristi helped me through the massive brain cramp on the first patterned row, I cruised right along on these socks. Until I put them down in favor of a sweater-finishing marathon.


Welcome to the knitting of the third sleeve on this sweater. By the way? The short row cap sleeve takes for-freakin-ever. ::sigh:: Once I’m done with the cap, though, it flies.

Oh, and why are my needles working on the third sleeve?


Because Hubster didn’t want to be a Pirate (think Seinfeld). Yes, he was wearing the sweater version of The Puffy Shirt (as pictured above) when I forced him to try on the sweater on Friday night. The next morning, nearly two full skeins (130 yds/skein) of knitting were wound into a nice little (big) cake as that disasterville sleeve was frogged away.

A word to the wise? When this pattern tells you to pick up what seems like a crazy-small number of stitches for the arm? Do it. I literally picked up 1 st per 2 rows between the armpit and the saddle, but it needed to be done that way to avoid Pirate-land.

I will close with a quick (but sincere) thank-you to all who have served in the U.S. military. Happy Veteran’s Day!


floribunda said...

yeah, but the puffy sleeves are kinda cute on him... well maybe not!
Those new socks are cute -- I'm trying to decide what my next pair will be after the disaster with my current pair. Maybe I could use the sock legs as wrist-warmers?

Sarah said...

I don't remember if I followed the pattern or not for the sleeves, but I do remember that while Jon's sweater didn't have poofy sleeves like that, they were way big on him. I like to think that I'm just married to a man with monkey arms.

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow you weren't exaggerating when you said it was puffy! Good choice to go for a do over.

Bezzie said...

Hahahhah! I do love that episode! But yeah, my husband wouldn't go for it either. Arggg!

Zonda said...

Bummer on having to knit 3 sleeves, but it'll look better :) I loved that episode. Nice sock too!

Jen said...

The sweater is looking great! For a moment, I almost thought, "I should knit that for Mark." Almost.

Donna Lee said...

I love the gumdrop socks. The pattern matches the colors well.

I got to live through 2 iterations of sesame street. Once when it was new (and maria and gordon and bob were very young)when my brother was born. And then again with my own kids. It always surprised me how many bits and songs I remembered. I have nothing but fond memories of sesame street. Some day I hope to have grandchildren to share it with.