Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunny Day

Sweepin’ the clouds away … On my way to where the air is sweet

Today (Tuesday, November 10) is Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary. Google has been celebrating for a week. In case you have missed it, here they are in order of appearance … (all images are, obviously, from Google. I just love what they did with this particular anniversary and wanted to share)

My life is so boring that Sesame Street is the best I can do. I’ll do my best to share a WiP Wednesday post in the morning.

But I couldn’t let the day pass without telling you how to get … How to get to Sesame Street.


Bezzie said...

Cookie Monster was my favorite day!

I heard yesterday that Bert and Ernie have been reduced to claymation....gasp!!! Back in my day we walked uphill both ways to school in the dark and the snow and we watched MUPPETS on TV!

Jen said...

The Count was my favorite, though Big Bird's legs were a close second!

Sarah said...

Google is going to be so boring now!

Jenn said...

Somehow I missed ALL of these because I never go to the main Google page! How awesome is the Count?

turtlegirl76 said...

I missed them all too because I use an iGoogle homepage. Phooey. They were cool! But no Kermit?

Zonda said...

I loved that show growing up. Still like some of the songs I learned. Sad huh ;)