Thursday, December 09, 2010

For Sale

If you know me IRL, you’ve heard me yammering on about a trio of commission scarfs I have been weaving. I needed to get them all finished up so I could fold up my loom for the rest of the year, since it lives in the spot where the Christmas tree goes.

I finished on Friday night.

Then, yesterday, I discovered that my favorite of the three scarfs has the wrong complimentary color.

So if you know anyone who would like a handwoven scarf made with a superwash wool, here’s your big chance.


It’s roughly 64” long and 8.5” wide, excluding fringe


Speaking of which, it’s a twisted fringe.


A plain tabby weave in a simple plaid pattern. Very subtle, and I think it would easily be man-approved. It was the second scarf of the trio that I had on the loom for this project and was my favorite the minute I took it off of the loom. And then it softened up even more with wet-finishing. It’s very soft and lightweight. And yours for $50!

Honestly, I’d keep it but I have a gazillion scarfs around this house and nobody on my gift list that “fits” for this particular scarf. I’d like to recoup the cost of the yarns with a little extra thrown in for my time. New scarf goes on the loom pronto. Once I figure out where the loom can be used in the living room with the Christmas tree already in place.

The "flecks" in the above picture are itty bitty snowflakes, not dirt or imperfections on the scarf.

Navy/Green Scarf (For Sale)

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Sport
Colors: Navy and Hunter Green
Quantity: 3 skeins Navy, 1 skein Hunter Green
Width on Loom: 10”
EPI: 10
Finished Size: 64x8.5" excluding fringe
Pattern: Plain tabby/evenweave
Started: 1 December 2010
Finished: 2 December 2010



sairy said...

I love the scarf. LOVE it.

elementalfibers said...

It's fabulous. I wish I could think of someone I could buy it for!