Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spinning, and I don't mean with fiber!

The weekend in Vegas was fine. The bed was comfy which is a huge plus. The only problem was that we played LATE on Saturday and EARLY on Sunday. A bigger issue when you remember that somewhere between that Late and Early, you must Pack and be ready to get on the bus to check out of the hotel at the appropriate time.

I've been fighting an annoying little cold. I don't feel bad I just feel wiped out. Ugh.

I also have a "thing" tomorrow morning that I'm nervous about. I'm trying to ignore it as best I can, but we'll just have to see what happens.

Then it's off to Palm Springs for another weekend of softball. Aren't you jealous? I think my local friends are starting to wonder if I still exist.

Yes, there has been knitting. I've pretty much decided that my toe-up sock will be OK. I'm mostly bugged by the needles I'm using. Of course, I'm having a complete brain fart trying to remember who makes them, but they're the plastic-ey needles that bend as you knit. I'm not really a fan, but I don't have another pair of US 2.5's so I can't just switch them out. Bummer.

No new photo of that sock. However, we do have a half-finished object to show from the weekend in Sin City

This is the first of my Slipper Socks, a free pattern I got off of the Knitpicks website. I'm zipping along in Memories, the suggested yarn for this pattern. I'm happy with my results so far.

Last night, while the hubster was gone for his workout, I got an itch to start a sweater. It's this fantastic cable sweater out of this book. If you go to the "look inside" link and scroll to page three, it's the brown cable sweater that's four down on the left-hand pile.

Thanks to this fantastic YouTube video I found on Wendy's blog about a week ago, I was able to do all of the pictured cables, after getting through the first row, without a cable needle! WOW!

Here's a "money shot" close-up of the cable. Color is more true in the larger photo.

Well, I need to finish up a few small things, then get my butt up to practice. I have to pack again tonight. I hate packing!

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Lisa said...

Yes... wondering when we will see you again.