Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shhh ... Don't Tell the Hubster!

I kind of acquired another Penguin today. He could be a cookie jar for small cookies, but apparently arrived upstairs full of candy, many moons ago. Badly photoshopped can included for scale.

He originally came from Sea World. When I visited said 2nd floor office this morning, I immediately noticed this guy and was informed of the correct person to ask if he was homeless. My adoption application was immediately approved, and he now resides in my office. Now I just have to give him a bath and clean things up in my office (Surprise! It's a disaster area in here!) so he has a place to hang out!

Oh, and in case I hadn't mentioned it, while I was in Omaha in December, there was a department-wide office holiday party. They had a mock game of "Family Feud" I was a distant second most popular answer to the question "Whose Office is the Biggest Fire Hazard?" (a semi-kind way to say messiest office!)

I'm taking tomorrow (Friday) off from work. I plan to start my kick-ass day of Cult-ing at Luella's to pick up an extra 2 yards of a fabric my mom wants. They open at 10.

[NOTE: The Hubster refers to my Friday Night quilting group as my "Cult" That's all I mean by the above statement. We'll just ignore the addiction factors in my two little hobbies!]

Then it's off to Beach Knitting for a morning/afternoon of Knitting with Irma. I'll leave there around 2:30 to go home and switch to my quilting gear, then it will be an evening of fun and dog snoring at Sandy's house. We'll be short a Twin, as Lisa leaves bright and early on Saturday morning for Martha Pullen School. We'll miss her!

I plan to finish the "Über-block" of my Starr Designs BOM ... get the paper pieced eighths sewn together into one big block, make all of the surrounding stars and sew it all together. I'd crank on my MM block, but I haven't tracked down my fabric yet. Bummer. At least Lisa was able to draft Thangle-like triangle paper for 3.75" finished half-square triangles. Bonus!

I started Mitten #2 last night and have just a round or two left of the ribbing before I begin the stockingette and thumb gusset portion of the program. I need to re-weave the thumb end on the inside of Mitten #2, but otherwise they are just peachy and quite happy-looking! Hat is next!

Oh, and stop whatever you are doing RIGHT NOW and check out this site. I thought it was hysterical!

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