Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yay, Me!

I made it over to the Wooden Center this morning for my first "real" workout in almost a month. Did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 15 on the treadmill. Woo-Hoo!

I also finished Mitten #1 last night. Woo-Hoo, again! Didn't want to cast on for Mitten #2 last night, since we were watching The DaVinci Code. I've read the book, but wanted a thinking-free knitting project for viewing during that movie.

I tried to cast on for the back of my Jo Sharp Cable, but ran into a snag when I once again had the Lantern Moon Destiny Circulars problem. When BOTH wooden ends simultaneously detatched from the center cord. Perhaps it's a bigger problem with the larger sized needles, since this is the second pair of US 11's to have this issue.

So I busted out the second half of the hubster's Fuzzy Feet. And finished it! Yay, me yet again!

Here is the cute and talented Baxter modeling my first toe-up sock. Well, the second try on my first toe-up sock. I did 2-3 rounds on this last night too, then decided I'd drop a stitch on those little needles if I tried to knit that and do a movie at the same time

And a close-up of the actual knitting portion of the program.

I've been talking about it for too long without a money shot, so here is my paper pieced Starr block of the month first block! I'll sew the pieces together on Friday night, then start sewing the stars to go along with this month's kit. LOVE this pattern, and all the blocks are equally stunning in my opinion.

I've been running around like a nut all day and "lunchtime" is just about over, so I'd best be getting back to finishing the things I need to finish today. Have a great evening!

[In case anyone hasn't already noticed, I always find myself searching for an ending for my blog posts, then work too hard on it and type out something lame. Save me from myself!]

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