Thursday, January 18, 2007


Yep. The 104-page softball media guide is burned to a CD and sitting in the sports info office patiently waiting to be picked up by the printer. And I'm taking Thursday off to go to Road to California with my mom and aunt Suzie.


Humble apologies to my faithful, if silent, readers (hi Ole!) assuming that any of you are still checking the site. I've been so busy with this media guide that I simply haven't had time to post. Or do much of anything besides work and sleep. Even my workouts have gone by the wayside over the last two weeks. Next week's goal is to get back into that routine.

So tonight, I'm going to plow through some of the things that have been in my head waiting to be posted for quite a while. Tomorrow, I'll post anything interesting from Road and the "reveal" from Monday night's M&Ms block exchange.

First, as I have just foreshadowed, I had M&Ms exchange blocks due on Monday night. 6" finished stars, two sets of 8. I showed up at Sandy's house on Friday night in this state of preparation

I got one block totally done on Friday night and had Step 1 finished on the second block before I realized that I had been outsmarted by the block. I wound up finishing the second block at midnight on Sunday night after I picked mom and Suzie up at the airport.

Sandy and her daughter, Deb, went to Mexico for Xmas and they brought home presents for the humble sewing buddies. A nifty armadillo from the shell shop (dime included for scale) and an extremely cool little clay catch-all jar. Both made it to my office for photo opportunity and haven't moved. The armadillo is going to live on my monitor stand at the office with my lego elephant and scary-looking lego snowman. Jar will come home once I get some sleep and clean up a little bit.

The other piece of show-and-tell was a gift from one of Sandy and Deb's friends in Mexico. Iguanas are supposed to be lucky. Aren't they lucky to have this guy?

The other news from the last 10 days or so was that we had free Bruin-branded Crocs available to full-time staff last week. Ain't they stylish?

OK. I'm about to fall asleep at my laptop, so I'd better shut up and get some shut-eye. I'll try to check in tomorrow night, worst case on Friday. I'M DONE! I'M DONE! :)

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