Monday, January 29, 2007

A 6-Dog Night

The usual suspects gathered at Sandy's house on Friday night for an evening of stitching. I'm a doofus who left my camera in my office, so these photos are courtesy of Lisa. Thanks, Lisa!

Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Sandy and Deb (Sandy's daughter) have SIX, yes six! dogs. Five are pugs, I believe all of the pugs are rescue dogs. I have half of the names down, and I know Vinny (the only non-pug of the family) and Gertie are not in this photo. I think the big black butt is Louie's, so the other two are either Tatty, Paulie or .... OK. I think my brain just exploded. I have no idea which dogs are in this photo, but they are darn cute!

Sandy opened the evening with showing off her finished quilt top. Ain't it nifty?

Carol bought a Moda "Sanctuary" JellyRoll (roll of 2.5" strips showing the whole fabric line) and sewed them all together. There is one red fabric that we all think "pops" too much, so that's probably going to become a narrow inner border. She bought two packs of the 4" charm squares and will use them as an outer border. These aren't my normal cup of tea, but I liked them enough that I bought the necessary cut fabric when I saw them at Luella's on Saturday afternoon.

And what did I sew? Well, I paper pieced on my Starr block of the month! My main block is done, just needs to be sewn together. I LOVE THIS QUILT! I'll do my best to get the necessary glamour shots taken tonight so I can post them tomorrow.

I also finished both sleeves for my Countess, and seamed the first shoulder of my purple V-neck on Friday afternoon. Someday, I'll have a photo of a finished sweater. I hope!

Meanwhile, it's back to the grind. The hubster and I went to a retirement dinner last night and I got home totally wiped out. It was a great evening, but last night, and this morning, I felt like all of my energy had been siphoned away. I'm trying to hack my way through Monday, go to bed at a reasonable time like a grown-up, and take another hack tomorrow.

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The dogs are: fat butt is indeed Louie; the fawn is Taddy both of whom are laying on Paulie. :-)