Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

Hi! Not much content today. Mom and Suzie left this morning to go back home. That always makes me a little sad.

Plus, I am now freaking out just a little bit that it has been a MONTH since I was last working out regularly. This is not a good thing. Gotta get back on that routine tomorrow. Whether I want to or not!

I am now in the portion of the year that feels like ... and is ... the calm before the storm. I have exactly 14 days to call my own before I leave on the first trip of the 2007 season. Of course, as soon as you look a little closer at that time span, I have a retirement banquet to attend this Sunday at 4, which will officially cut in to my knitting time at Beach Knitting this Sunday, and a few other activities that take up chunks of what would otherwise be "free days."

It looks like we're going to have a party for that big football game on Feb. 3 as well. The hubster's team is the NFC representative (chicago), so having a party is his call. I just hope I can talk him in to getting the Sumo bean bag chair in time for delivery prior to the big game. My brother has one of these and they are incredibly comfortable!

Thursday will be a normal work day, then I'll probably take at least part of Friday off. I'm hoping to go knitting for a few hours before heading to Sandy's house for a Friday night of sewing fun. Since I don't yet have the fabric swatch to pick my fabrics for our MM block exchange (pattern here but we aren't using those fabrics. We're picking a swatch that can be sashing and we make sure nothing clashes with said swatch), I'm about 95% sure I'll work on my Starr block of the month that I acquired at Road last week.

I actually have a free evening tonight, so I'm going to take one more look across my desk to make sure I'm not missing any fires that are still smoldering, then I'm headed home to clear some TiVo and watch the NHL All-Star game.

I'll try to take some knitting photos, but there isn't much exciting going on. I've finished the first sleeve for my Countess V-neck (pattern is the V-Neck 4th from the bottom, yarn is the chocolate brown) and have the second sleeve through the first ball of yarn. The sleeve cap shaping seemed mildly funky to me, so I want to make sure Sleeve #1 is correct before I forge on with Sleeve #2.

Otherwise, I cast on for my Lornas Laces mittens but didn't like the left-facing increases I had done, since they left holes, so I frogged it. Who wants holes along the thumb gusset on a pair of mittens? Not me!

Simply to avoid a photo-free post, here is a picture of me with the fantastic quilt of Floribunda, a quilt blogger in NorCal who I read pretty frequently. It was amazing in person. Lots of accurate seams on teeny-tiny pieces. WOW!

And, just for fun, a picture of Irma's knitted teddy bear. He's absolutely adorable, but I don't know that he'd be a project I'd be willing to tackle. Again, WOW!

That's it from my corner of the world. Hopefully things will be less blue and more rosy tomorrow. It hasn't been a great day today. Oh well.

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