Monday, January 01, 2007

My Holiday Weekend

This is one of the best holiday weekends, because you can just sit around and watch football for three days. Nothing wrong with that?

(Unless, of course, you are the Hubster, in which case one of your teams stunk last night and the other stunk today)

I enjoyed my team's overtime win yesterday, while I dealt with this:

Yep. I grabbed all of my knitting-related stuff that wasn't already in plastic tubs and dumped all of it right in front of the TV. Then I organized.

Most of the loose yarn is now in tubs, or will be following my Rose Bowl nap. The "best" of the remaining yarn familys and all of my "nearly finished" projects are featured below. I didn't photograph the sock-and-mitten yarn stash, and I'm too lazy to get up and do that now.

Now, I shall explain everything. Follow along like you're reading. Left to right, then top to bottom.

Top left: my green pocket sweater. The sleeves are basted in, so I need to seam those on, seam the armpits and pick up and knit the neck.

Top middle: my stash of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK. I bought all of this on clearance and am sniffing out more of same with no success yet. I want to make a scrap sweater with it.

Top right: My Cherry Tree Hill shell. Again, the shoulders are basted in. It looks big, so I'm a little concerned it's gonna be tooooo large for the current me.

Center left: Countess. I put this aside because doing the side shaping and cable simultaneously was making my brain melt. But this yarn is amazing and the pattern is good, so I'll need to pick it up pretty darn soon.

Center middle: Blue Sky Organic Cotton. It's going to grow up to be an Irish Hiking Scarf. Eventually. Picked it up at my 2nd favorite knitting store on Saturday (Unraveled. Too bad they're in Monrovia or I'd be there all the time. Oh, wait. That's probably a good thing!)

Center right: Alpaca cable. Front and back are finished, but I was waaaaay too tight on my 3-needle bind-off, so I need to rip that out and re-do it. Sleeve #1 is up to the shoulder shaping decreases and Sleeve #2 is a figment of my imagination.

Bottom left: Tahki cotton colors. It's a short-sleeve shell. One sleeve is basted in. This is also low on the totem poll at the moment. Gotta finish the "winter" stuff first!

Bottom center: Beth's V-neck. Needs seaming and neck. Top of the finishing list.

Bottom right: My Cascade 220 stash. In the back are the red/green/white skeins that are going to grow up to be this. Yup. The cover model. In front are three hanks for the stash and the gray tweed on the right is going to be fuzzy feet for the Hubster. He's been patient, so I should get those done.

Well, it's time for my Rose Bowl nap. Better to nap before halftime, then you won't miss anything too critical. ;-) Glamour shot of new glass penguin will have to wait. He wasn't feeling photogenic today and the three shots I took were all out of focus. Happy New Year!

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