Monday, January 22, 2007

DPUTiger Rewind

Media guide is done (awaiting a proof to sign off). Sleep has been enjoyed. Knitting has been done (sorry, no pics today). Road to California has been visited.

I'm way behind on my blog entries. So I shall try to catch up!

Last Monday (Jan. 15), we had our block exchange for the blue star blocks. Carol had misplaced her fabrics ... and instructions ... when heading out to Friday Night at Sandy's house. They have since been located, but she didn't have time to finish her blocks in time for Monday's exchange. Hey, I understand. I stayed up until midnight on Sunday night to have mine finished in time!

Nonie and Denise were unable to attend. Pics of all of the M&Ms in attendance, with blocks in hand, are here. (Hopefully that link takes you straight to the correct file. Yell if there's a problem, please!) As a bonus, here is a pic of the twins. No, they don't check wardrobe before they leave the house, and yes, they do this with some frequency. It's part of why we love them! :)

In other news, last Tuesday, my mom, aunt Suzie and I road tripped to Santa Barbara to take my Quinn cousin Molly (freshman at UCSB) out to dinner for her 18th birthday. A photo of the three people who ate dinner and at one time or another had the last name of Quinn

Mom on the left, Molly in the middle, Suzie on the right.

We ate at the Paradise Cafe in Santa Barbara. I highly recommend it. My Symons cousin, Barbara, picked the restaurant, since she also attended UCSB and has lived there for quite a while. Symons family relatives:

Mom on the left, Barbara in the middle, yours truly on the right.

Wednesday, I finished my media guide. Thursday, we went to Road. Biggest purchase there was signing up for a paper-pieced queen size Block of the Month quilt from Starr Designs. They don't have a picture of the BOM quilt on their website. Hopefully soon.

I didn't photograph most of my swag from Road. There wasn't all that much, but some of it was pretty cool. I'll try to do that tonight and get back to you. The front and back of my Countess sweater are finished, and I'm into the sleeve cap shaping on Sleeve #1. I started (and finished) a pair of Fetching from Knitty and have them at the office today.

I'm planning to cast on for a mittens-hat-scarf combo in some fantastic bulky Lorna's Laces superwash tonight. I'm pretty sure it's Shepherd Bulky in Rainbow. Yummy! That's about it from here. Later!

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floribunda said...

ah -- I saw that BOM from Starr! Their fabric is so nice... I have a bunch of their little pices to do somnething with one of these days.