Thursday, January 25, 2007

Procrastination is an Art!

Yes, I'm procrastinating. I spent my morning helping a co-worker with a technical issue and still haven't gotten in my workout pre-lunch. This means I'd better get over there to sweat soon, or the place will be crawling with ... students. Ewww. (OK, they aren't SO bad. It's just that when there are lots of them you have to wait for cardio equipment and they tend to leave really gross things in the showers instead of using a trash can. Use your imagination).

I re-cast on for my Lorna's Laces mittens, what will hopefully be the start of a mittens/hat/scarf trilogy. I'm enjoying this yarn, but the more I knit with it, the more I realize that the "this would make a cool sweater" vibe I got when I saw a different colorway was more about my love of speed knitting on big needles and not so much about what would truly make a cool sweater.

I cast on at about 7:30 last night, and this is where I was when the hubster got home last night, I looked at the clock (10:45) and realized that if I was going to scrape my sorry butt out of bed at 6 am today to take my car in for service, I'd better get to bed.

The pattern is easy to follow (Ann Budd's generic mitten recipe from here) but when they say a hand circumference of 7", they really mean 7"! I've been trying on said mitten to check length and it is snug. Very snug. Should-I-rip-this-again-or-not snug. I'll make a decision once I get home tonight.

Tomorrow (Friday) is going to be an action-packed day of fun. I'm taking the day off and will knit from when Beach Knitting opens (10:30 am) until about 3 pm, when I do my best Clark Kent/Superman impression, stop at home and get the tools necessary to switch from a mild-mannered overwhelmed-with-projects knitter into a night-on-the-town quilter with a sewing machine, a paper piecing pattern and an attitude ready to tackle any errant seam allowances.

Yep. It's a Friday night at Sandy's house. Look out, we're ready for trouble.

Well, if I have any chance of breaking my way too long streak of workout-free days, I'd better go break a sweat. Wish me luck!

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KOARC said...

Gromit sends his greetings. We just had guacamole and cheese, per your orders! 8^)