Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stars, Stars, Stars!

That was the primary theme of last night's gathering at Sandy's house. Well, at least for me. The obiligatory dog photos were taken. Here's the best one from last night: Paulie, the elder statesman of the group, snoozing.

Denise joined Sandy, Anne, Beth, Carol and I, taking over the real estate vacated by Lisa's pending trip to Martha Pullen. She's probably on an airplane (or still in route) as I type.

Carol was kind enough to meet me for dinner at Outback. Even though I wasn't anywhere near this snafu which would have made my life completely miserable had I gone to work yesterday, it still took a ridiculously long time to get to the restaurant. Carol and I highly enjoyed our meal, as always. We all got to yell hello to Carol's hubster and my favorite lurker, Ole, later in the evening when he called her from Norway where he is working at the moment. Hi, Ole! Hope the weather clears up! :)

On to the sewing. Overachiever that she is, Denise has finished all of the larger setting stars for the Starry Starry Night quilt that was the inspiration for our blue and white MMs exchange last month. I posted a photo set on Yahoo! here. They look awesome. Here's my favorite:

As for me, I spent the entire evening cutting up teenytiny squares ... that I then sewed and squared up ... to make the friendship stars for my Starr BOM. As has become my habit, I cut WAY too many squares to make the friendship stars. I should have thought through the instructions better before I put rotary cutter to fabric, but since this is Month 1 of 12, I should be able to recover just fine. The bad new? LOTS more squaring up of friendship star triangles. Once I exhaust this supply, I will be doing 1" Thangles for any/all remaining small stars.

I also sewed my large paper pieced star together. I'm pretty damn happy with it if I do say so myself. This quilt is gonna rock ... assuming I can keep up with it and not get overwhelmed with the backlog of paper pieced blocks. Hey, the paper piecing is actually the fun/easy part. It's the friendship stars that might be the death of me!

Today is very low-key. Hanging with the Hubster (once he gets back from Costco and the grocery store), maybe a dinner out. Maybe a stop at the J-store to check on plastic storage ... it seems like I never have enough of that! ... but generally a low-key day. Tomorrow is the Big Game. I'll go to Beach Knitting in the morning and probably come home about an hour before kickoff. Then Monday is the start of my first Game Week since December. Here's hoping I'm ready to get the train rolling!


Me said...

Those quilts are AMAZING!! So cool! said...

My gosh, paulie is a handsome dude! This will be framed.