Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just For My Friends in SoCal ...

On the way home from an errand today, I stopped at Costco. This Costco.

For my readers who live outside of Southern California, here's what you need to know to understand why I'm posting this.

When you go to Costco in SoCal, it's a contact sport. You have to circle the parking lot half a dozen times just to get a spot that's a full football field away from the entrance. Once you get a cart and actually get inside, you're shoulder-to-shoulder with a thousand of your closest friends and it takes a good solid half-hour to get through the check-out line on a good day.

And if you go on a weekend? Double everything I just said.

So today, I tooled into my local Costco. Eased into a parking spot that was about three spaces away from the closest possible point to the entrance. I went inside, and as I got towards the back of the store, it felt ... empty.

I completed my shopping and snacking (gotta love the sample carts!) and walked towards the front to check out. There were a grand total of THREE people in the front third of the store. They were all checkout people, and they were congregated under one of the checkout registers examining ... something.

When they noticed me standing there, waiting, two of the three then helped me unload my cart onto the belt, and I was on my way in under five minutes.

As I walked away, I felt the need to document this for posterity.

Yep. Crickets. Did I mention that this was at 4:30 pm? A full four hours before closing time? Sorry. Didn't mean to rub it in.

I love Costco. Well, I love Costco when it's outside of SoCal ...


SJ said...

Well, you were there on a weekday, and a cold one at that. But still, it is pretty amazing. ;-)

Yvonne said...

So dinner on Wed. before knitting??

crosstoc said...

That's wrong. That's just wrong! My neighbor did the trip yesterday and picked up a couple of things for me. She's a true friend.

Mom2B said...

That Costco shot is unbelievable! I can never find a parking space at the Issaquah Costco and HATE going there because I can hardly navigate the isles because of all the people. I guess that saves me a lot of moeny though as Costco is one of those stores where I buy things I really don't need because I think I'm saving money.