Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet the Countess

This is yet another project that snoozed for a very long time between “finished knitting” and “finished object!”

The most unique part of this sweater is the cable. It’s a completely open cable. As in “place four stitches on a holder. Knit six rows. Go back to those stitches on the holder and knit six rows on those.” Then you re-connect the cable stitches. It’s a cool effect, even if it does create a crapload of seams

The neckband (I forgot to get a decent close-up. Forgive me!) was integrated into the knitting of the front of the sweater. Then you knit the back of the neck, grafted it together and seamed it to the back of the sweater.

Oh, and the yarn was truly fabulous to work with. I’m sad it’s discontinued.

Pattern: Countess V-Neck Pullover by Dee Neer. Published in Classic Elite Yarns Second Edition (booklet)
Size: Medium (41.5"). Thank God … there’s a note on my pattern that I had started out knitting the small. THAT would have been a DISASTER.
Yarn: Classic Elite Countess (40% merino, 28% viscose, 10% cashmere, 7% angora, 15% nylon)
Needles: US 9 and US 10
Started: 21 October 2006
Finished: 10 January 2008
Mods: None.

Pattern and yarn purchased at Beach Knitting. I miss that place! ::sigh::

It’s a little tight, which just means that I need to lose the weight I’ve gained back since moving to Pittsburgh. I made sure I got to the gym today, so that’s a start

The arms, in particular, reminded me of SJ’s Central Park Hoodie. I do have to pull them on. I had a turtleneck on under the sweater for the shot above, but will most likely wear it with a t-shirt when it sees the light of day in real life.

I haven’t busted out the sweater that’s next in line for seaming, but I’ll probably take it to work tomorrow so I can baste on the table. Progress. It’s a good thing!


Teen Knit Rock said...

it's the awesome yarn sweater!!! so glad you finished it~ it looks awesome! :)

SJ said...

Those cables are really cool!

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Jen said...

Your sweater looks great!

Carol said...

I love that sweater!