Friday, January 11, 2008

YPF: Office Supply Edition

OK, so this is a little different. Less of a Yarn Pr0n Friday, more of Yummy Pen Friday. Sure, I have piles of yarn around chez DPUTiger, but this was my biggest score of the week, so here ya go!

I know I have readers who have the same office supply obsession as I do. So I thought I’d share.

When I worked at UCLA, the bookstore was less than 100 yards from my office. Not my office building, my actual office. They had a pretty good pen/pencil selection, particularly a four-sided kiosk of cubbys that were always full of pens. With index cards on top so you could scribble with whatever you wanted to try out.

I’d try a new pen fairly regularly and if I loved it, I’d stock up. The last pen I “fell for” before I left Bruin-land was the Pentel 24/7

It’s a medium-nib pen. I didn’t grab too many of them, because I figured “Hey, they’re Pentel! No problem!”

Problem. I have been searching high and low since the move and have not found one place that stocked the things. I had one last hope, the Pitt bookstore.

My dad taught in one of the graduate schools at Pitt throughout my childhood. All of my school supplies, notebooks, pens, whatever came from the Pitt bookstore the whole way through college. Yep. I used Pitt spiral notebooks the whole way through my DePauw career. Goofy, I know. But when I find an office supply I like, I stick with it until I can’t find it any more!

When the Hubster and I visited the Nationality Rooms at Pitt before Christmas, I walked across the street to see if the bookstore carried my favorite pens. They didn’t.

But it was just before Christmas, all the students were gone, and I got chatting with two of the women working in that chunk of the bookstore. One of them took interest in my quest and actually photocopied the pen I had with me and took my name/number. Last week, the Pitt bookstore called to let me know that “my” pens were in!

So mom and I field tripped on Tuesday. We went to the Bookstore, then lunch with SJ in Oakland, then Natural Stitches (just a little Cascade 220 came home. Nothing exciting). Here was my haul:

Yep. I’m all stocked up. They still have plenty of black and red pens, but I hate those colors. If you can find ‘em, give ‘em a try!

I’m working tomorrow (Saturday) at Bloomin Yarns then Sunday is Packing Day. I enjoy traveling, but I really loathe packing. Oh well. At least I have a full day to get done everything I want/need to so I’m ready to leave for Mississippi. Have a great weekend!


SJ said...

I miss the days when I could use pretty pens in different colors. Now it's nothing but red. Have I mentioned how much I hate red?

turtlegirl76 said...

Ha! That's awesome. I hear ya though. I did the same thing when I was waiting tables. I was very picky in the pens I chose. Plus, I had to make sure they were different than the ones the other servers used so I could catch them red handed when they tried to steal mine!

mehitabel said...

I love pens, supplies rock! Doreen Speckmann used to say that it was one of the hallmarks of a quilter: an unnatural fascination with office supplies! Her classes were always geared to lots of papers, sticky notes, pens, rulers, and little bits of scissored things...made for some great quilts!

Carol said...

OK Now I am totally curious about the pen. I guess I'll have to find one of the darn things and try it out to see what makes it so cool. Good excuse for a shopping trip!

Not-so-idiot savant said...

I'll have to check these out - good pens make taking notes a lot more palatable!

Yvonne said...