Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Hubster and I met the parentals and Aunt Suz/Uncle Mike for dinner downtown. We saw the big parade in downtown Pittsburgh, walked over to Fifth Avenue Place, then Hubster walked around while I went with the aforementioned foursome to Pittsburgh’s First Presbyterian Church (I link simply because I was quite impressed by the building itself, and it’s a National Historical Landmark).

We were there to see the Balmoral Highlands bagpipers at the First Presbyterian Church

Hubster and I met up again at the main stage just in front of Fifth Avenue Place. Where we watched a pair of pre-teens grope each other for two hours. Seriously. I doubt either one of them was older than 16. And talk about inappropriately dressed? She was wearing a camisole top and windbreaker. In 30-degree weather. He was wearing his Central Catholic sweatshirt. Of course, they were so all over each other that they must have been “keeping each other warm.” Ewww.

Why were we there? To watch The Clarks (couldn’t get a decent pic in the dark). There was also a pretty cool display on the building (the old Hornes Building? I can never remember. It’s the one with the plaque for the flood waters on the corner), and fireworks went off atop that building at midnight.

Just after the stroke of midnight, The Clarks played their signature song (Cigarette), then we headed for the T at the Gateway Center station. It was juuust a little crowded

Believe it or not, we (obviously) didn’t make it onto this train, but we not only made it onto the very next one around the bend, but we got seats! More people got on at Wood Street, and it quickly became Sardine City. Yikes.

But, the evening was uneventful and we arrived home none the worse for wear.

I finished knitting the BruWin scarf in the middle of the Penguins game, which leaves me with NOTHING on the needles. (Well, nothing that's active, at least) The scarf is in the basement, drying after a good soak, and can be fringed and properly photographed tomorrow.

The rest of the plan for tonight is to pick a yarn/pattern for my next pair of socks, and to start finishing sweaters!

Well, literally, tomorrow is Hurricane Knitters, and I’m looking forward to that.

But in a more general sense, I’m going to take to heart a suggestion that I read somewhere within the last week or so. January is going to be Finishing Month.

My plan is to start, today, with my purple V-neck. It just needs one armpit seam. You've seen these pictures before. This is just a refresher.

Next in line will probably be my Countess, which just needs a bit of seaming and end-weaving

Haven’t decided what’s next for finishing after that, but I have at least one, probably two more winter sweaters that just need a little finishing work to be up and running.

I’m not going to go nuts and just finish everything in sight (that’s 11 sweaters at last count) for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, about half of those sweaters are warmer weather shells. I don’t need those right now. I need warm winter sweaters!

Secondly, I have three sweaters in my queue right now that are winter sweaters that am really itching to knit. Cobblestone for the Hubster. The neck-down pullover for me (photo on front page). And my Mountain Colors Twizzle sweater. At least those first two are knit in the round and will require very minimal finishing. Hooray!

OK. Off to get finishing. Wish me luck!


SJ said...

Good luck with the finishing! Sounds like a good plan, especially with the return of winter.

See you tonight! (Here's hoping the roads stay clear!)

Trillian42 said...

I think you're right - I think it's the old Horne's building. Unless it was Gimbel's. I never remember either, although I think the clock was on Kaufmann's, so I don't think it's that one.

Ah, Pittsburgh. Sounds like you had fun! And I've been to Christmas Eve services at First Presbyterian! Beautiful church.

Yvonne said...

Hooray for Finishing Month. I'm glad to see RT got to take in the sights/sounds of New Year's Eve in "da burgh".

mehitabel said...

Finishing is A Good Thing! I joined the Stashbusters Yahoo group (Anne made me do it) and I think that once my ribs heal, I'll be digging out some of the quilty WIPs/UFOs and work on them, along with the knitty ones. At least the knit ones are semi-organized. I do have one elderly (1991) UFO, the Map of the World sweater, which really ought to get done and soon. Soon! (Easy to be ambitious when all I can do is sit and take Advil every 4 hours!)