Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WiP Wednesday: Thangles Edition

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled knitting to bring you some quilting!

Since I moved east, it has been 90% knitting around chez DPUTiger. With no quilty running buddies and a plethora of knitty friends, it just hasn’t been as easy to spend time with fabric as it is to sit down and knit a few rows. Plus, the knitting is much more portable and can be done in much smaller chunks.

However, the bestest quilting buddies a girl could ask for still want to keep me in their quilting mini-group. So I had to get cranking on my M&Ms task so it can get to Sandy’s house in SoCal by Monday for the next mini-group potluck and fun-fest.

It’s a row-robin of sorts. Everyone does a row of five 12” blocks and decides on a theme for their quilt. You hand over your row and whatever guidelines you want to provide and you won’t see it again until your 60x80 quilt shows up at the end of the year.

So I had a theme in my head then picked a 12” block off of Quilters Cache and went to town.

Thangles, as always, are my friend. I love Thangles.

I picked my fabrics out of my stash on Monday and cut stuff out tonight.

I even got them all pressed open and ready to sew into blocks. I should be easily ready to head to the post office on Friday. Yes, I need another night of sewing, but it’s very do-able and I’m looking forward to it.

As was the case when I made the little notebooks for holiday gifts, it once again felt great to be sewing. I have sixtybazillion kits and other projects of a quilty variety. I need to start making time to go down into the basement and SEW!!!

Tonight’s sewing was actually accompanied by this movie. I knew it would be a warm fuzzy chick flick. I didn’t know it would be wicked funny. Better than I thought it would be!

I maybe have done an additional inch on Cobblestone since last week, but my second spiraling coriolis is just seven rows of seed stitch cuff and EZ’s sewn bind off away from finished. I’m going through a rare bout of project monogamy. Cobblestone is next in the spotlight.


floribunda said...

ooh -- I like those bright fabrics! Are you going to show us the blocks when they're done? "Music and Lyrics" is a perfect quilting movie -- it's been on the tube recently so I keep re-watching little bits of it.

SJ said...

Very strange -- I had a feeling it was going to be "Music & Lyrics" before I even clicked over to see! I think it pretty much flopped in the theaters, but I think it was underrated. Yes, it's not a cinematic gem, but it's very entertaining! Plus, I like any movie that features Hugh Grant shaking his booty.

Anonymous said...

You know you make me want to quilt. Get the fabric out and quilt. Throw my hands up and quilt. Don't forget to say you will....don't forget to say yeah yeah yeah yeah.... oops...sorry. mental issues.

MollyBeees said...

I am going to HAVE to try Thangles one of these days. They look so cool. I LOVED Music and Lyrics. I thought it was hysterical!

Jenn said...

Quilting always amazes me. So precise! I love that rich green.