Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WiP Wednesday: On the Cobblestones

Yeah, there’s knitting happening. Around all of the work. And believe me. There is LOTS of work. Yeek.

But I try to keep the sports off of this blog. I want you all to keep coming back, ya know? And believe me. I know how many of you feel about sports! (no offense taken. I’m a firm believer that it’s a GOOD thing that we aren’t all the same!)

Anyhoo, I finished Spiraling Coriolis #1 over the weekend. Here it is, facing left and right:

It’s the teeniest bit small. I did 64 stitches around and it’s OK. But I’m going up to 66 stitches for Coriolis #2

Speaking of which, here's No. 2 as of about 4 pm this afternoon

It looks more like a toe now. Stitch markers are from HIDEandSHEEP. I keep finding new things on that site that I want. ::sigh::

In other news, I have started the Hubster’s Cobblestone. Here’s a view from the TV room carpet on Monday.

And here it is today in the bright sunshine

Color is better in the second shot. I’m enjoying the project. It’s the first thing I’ve ever knit a sweater in the round. Hard to believe given my love of seaming, huh? At times, it feels like it’s taking forever. Then I remember I’m knitting for the Hubster, who is larger than I (although not as large as the MWP. Jenn deserves a medal for that one!). And I’m knitting the whole thing all at once, so it’s not going as fast as just a front or just a back would.

And I do feel like I’m making progress. Just sloooow progress. But the shiny new Options needles are pretty neato. I’m a happy camper.

If I could just get that work stuff wrangled. All in good time, though. All in good time.

By the way, This has been playing on AMC a lot over the last week or two. Fantastic movie. I could watch it over and over, especially if it was unedited and commercial-free.


Jenn said...

I really wanted to make Cobblestone for Tom, but 1) he doesn't like it and 2) I don't think the construction would do him any favors. So I'll knit vicariously through you!

I lovelovelove my Options. I finally got a callus on my thumb, they're much pointier than my Denise needles, but that's a good thing. And they're so fast!

Oh man, I really wish I had bought that Deep Seaflower Smooshy. I have yarn remorse.

SJ said...

I'm intending to knit Cobblestone for Jon one day, but I'd also like to knit a modified version for myself. I have a crapload of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed (impulse clearance purchase from WEBS several years ago) that I think would work well.

The big circularly knit sweaters do seem to go on forever, but you have to keep in mind that when you knit the body you're knitting two pieces as once. And it is great to get to the end and now have to worry about seaming!

MollyBeees said...

Oooh! I love the blue socks! And the groovy stitch markers!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh love the colors on cobblestone. The socks turned out great!

Jen said...

I still can't wrap my brain around the constuction of that sock, but it sure looks good!

Jess said...

The socks look fabulous. Love the color and the construction (of course!) and the cobblestone... love the color. LOVE the yarn. You are getting so much knitting done for having 2 jobs... I am jealous...