Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year’s Eve

It’s the last day of 2007. True to form, I have left this blog post to the last minute. Not a whole lot has been going on around chez DPUTiger, if you don’t count cleaning up.

Weeding and re-organizing the TV room (also known as Knit Central) somehow morphed into a two-day adventure, with a day off (today) in between. Why was today an off-day? Because I had to rake leaves. Raking leaves on New Year’s Eve. I kid you not.

But, I now feel as though I’m ready for the snow that is supposed to arrive tonight. We just finished putting together the Hubster’s big Christmas present. No, not his Wii, although he did buy a new game for that today. He got a snowblower from my parents

When my parents moved out of this house, my mom was completely fed up with her snowblower, so she gave it away. She got a good one for the Hubster for Christmas, and we put it together and got it all fueled up today. We’re only supposed to get an inch tonight and another inch tomorrow. Not exactly snowblower weather, but better to be prepared, right?

The other thing that has popped up this weekend is that on Saturday I was doing my usual Ravelry thing: watch radar while I knit.

I came across a thread in the “Green Crafting” group about how Nalgene water bottles may leach dangerous chemicals. I am NalgeneGirl, so I freaked a little bit. We field tripped to South Side Works yesterday so I could visit REI and get me a new water bottle. I bought a 40-oz Klean Kanteen, and I like it. But it’s stainless steel and not insulated, so this thing sweats. Once I get through my January plans (I’ll speak to that on another day), a water bottle cozy is most certainly on the agenda to keep this thing from dripping as much water off the outside as it contains inside!

The Yarn Harlot asked in today's blog about the piece of knitting that we’re most proud of. Because I start many more things than I finish, I can’t really say it was one of y sweaters. Actually, I’m leaning towards saying my Bart socks. A year ago, my knitting life was sock-free. Now, I think I will have a sock on the needles most of the time, in addition to whatever else I’m knitting. The portability and fantastic available yarns are just about impossible to beat if you ask me.

Football-watching is on tap tomorrow. It’s always good to OD on college football just in time for it to vanish for the next nine months. Plus, we may have to have our favorite cheese dip to celebrate (It’s velveeta and Ro*Tel. Nothing fancy, but boy is it yummy!)

Meanwhile, I hope that you do something enjoyable to celebrate the end of 2007, and that your 2008 is happy and healthy!


Jenn said...

Now that you have a snow blower, it won't snow enough to need it for the rest of the winter. That's how it always works. Happy New Year!

SJ said...

Happy new year! Here's hoping the snowblower works its magic (in keeping away the snow, that is. You know how much I hate snow.)