Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WiP Wednesday: Super Shoveling Edition

So what have I been working on today?

Shoveling snow. Shoveling the front walk. Shoveling the driveway. Lots and lots of shoveling.

I’m guessing we’ve had at least four inches of snow today. Hubster had trouble getting to work because since it’s the first significant snowfall of the year, traffic was wretched. He wound up punting and taking the trolley and a bus to work, which worked out just fine.

I was supposed to go to Hurricane Knitters tonight, but I decided to punt. It wasn’t the roads that stopped me.

Nope. It was my driveway. See the semi-shoveled area there in that photo? I spent about 90 minutes shoveling and by the time I went inside and got changed, it was a little snowed over … again. I gave it a shot anyway, and couldn’t get my car past the back edge of the house.

We have one shovel, stolen from my parents, and I don’t like the way it’s pitched. Of course, the show shovel I left them with broke on my mom this morning (they now live in a condo association, so they only kind of need to shovel their front walk. This shovel would be fine for shoveling a walk, so my plan is to return this shovel to my parents and buy a new one that I like better for driveway use).

I also didn’t have any driveway salt. Fortunately, SuperNeighbor across the street had a bag he’d had for years and hadn’t even opened. He has a perfectly flat driveway, so he doesn’t really need it.

So I think I’d better go outside, do one last shovel and then start spreading some salt. The Hubster is going to park in SuperNeighbor’s driveway when he gets home from work. Hopefully by morning I’ll be able to get my car out of the driveway so I can leave the house if I want to!

I'm almost finished with Steelers Scarf II, and it should also be ready to block by morning. It may be a dual scarf blocking party …. I’m thinking wet-block the Steelers Scarf which is made of Cascade 220 and spray-block the Jaywalker Scarf II, which has a high bamboo content. Does anyone have words of wisdom for how to properly block bamboo? I’m all ears!

Forget Leaf Wars (and please don't remind me that there's a good quantity of leaves under this snow. I'll just get depressed). I’m off to wrestle my driveway for the right to leave the house! ☺


SJ said...

So are you enjoying living in the snow belt again? ;-)

Jon cleared a bit at the top of the driveway, but there actually wasn't that much snow on it (I think it just blew away during the day) so we didn't want to put too much effort into it. I'm hoping it'll all melt by Friday.

mehitabel said...

Beautiful snow! Now I am both insanely jealous and totally depressed. Ah well. I will be braving the Santa Anas to go to Quilt Guild tonight for the annual Holiday Fandango and Feast, and I will try to take pictures of all your favorite people to post! With 80-degree days and hot winds, I need all the Xmas spirit I can get!

crosstoc said...

WoW! What a winter wonderland. That's what xmas should be not It's suppose to rain starting tomorrow and cold as witch's _ _ _ on Sat. That's our winter.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the wonderfulness of snow!! :)

Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove said...

Whoa, that's a lotta s now. Maybe you should revise your blog header, and add the "I shovel" to the list...