Thursday, December 27, 2007

Four Pin Heads

That’s what you can find in the very bottom of your container of basting pins when you empty the whole thing out. This happens when you first pin a queen size quilt for your mother, then pin a long-but-narrow “couch quilt” of your own.*

Yep. The reservoir of pins is empty, the basting tables are broken down and the space is now free for the Hubster to use. I'll probably get to that tomorrow :) Of course, I do have one more container of 100 pins that’s fresh from the store (I stalked these things and bought when 50% off for several months about two years ago. They’re bent and I like them)

*I didn't take a new picture of the quilt, since it looks the same as it did in my very first post ever, just with pins in it. Backing is the backdrop on the pin photo above.

In other news, Bill called me this morning and he sounded So. Much. Better. He sounded like himself for the first time in a few days. I want to thank everyone everyone who commented on yesterday’s post. It meant a lot to me and hopefully Bill will appreciate it too when he’s ready to take a look. If I didn’t send you a personal thank-you, it’s most likely because Blogger didn’t provide your email address and I didn’t already have it.

Since yesterdays’ WiP Wednesday was pre-empted by that much more important post, I’ll give you a peek at where things were this afternoon.

This is my Bruin scarf. Same as the Steelers scarves you’ve seen Derf modeling in my Ravelry avatar, but in Bruin blue and gold. The very end started to curl when I started knitting it, and since my one pet peeve with this scarf is trying to un-twist this thing as it goes along, I decided to encourage it to curl. It's working :)

I’d guess I’m about 40% through each of the in-use cakes of yarn, but I’m not unraveling the damn thing to measure it. Sorry!

In other news, I’m thisclose to being finished with the no-purl Monkeys that will be a Christmas present (late) for my sister in law. I’m ready for the toe decreases. These will most likely be off the needles by bedtime. Yay!

They are too small for me, but seem to fit my sister in law just fine (she tried on the finished sock on Christmas). Yay! Gotta say I'm not loving this Yarn Love that I'm using, but I have plenty more sock yarn in my stash just waiting to become socks for me!

Not much else going on here. Lots of busywork. Here's hoping for a productive tomorrow!


Yvonne said...

The scarf looks awesome! I always wonder what happened to the rest of the pin when only the pinheads are left. Hmm.

SJ said...

The Monkeys look great -- I'm only sorry you won't get to wear them! Maybe you need a slightly thicker yarn to get them to fit you? (I'm actually wearing my no-purl Monkeys right now, in STR. They're so nice, but boy are they getting fuzzy from wearing them so much!)

mehitabel said...

Hate when you run out of pins! I have been known to hustle up and quilt something just so I could have the pins out of it to pin something else. Yeah, I'm as bad with quilt WIPs/UFOs as I am with knitted ones!