Friday, December 28, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I know it’s Yarn Pr0n Friday, but I don’t have anything photographed and my head hurts. So you get to see/hear about my Christmas presents!

I did pretty damn well IMHO. Got two gift certificates from Bloomin Yarns (Hubster and brother/sis-in-law) and one for The Loopy Ewe from the in-laws. Also got a gift card from my parents for my gym so I can find me a good personal trainer.

It has nothing to do with New Years Resolutions, but I’m fed up with the weight I’ve gained since moving home to Pittsburgh and am informally planning to get rid of all of it by Memorial Day. Not an unreasonable goal as long as I get back on the Workout Wagon and stay there!

Anyhoo, the Hubster really scored with the trio of books he picked for me.

I'm still poring over my Harmony guides. They're extremely cool! I also got More Sensational Knitted Socks, and my jaw hit the floor when I opened up a package and it was the Sweater Wizard CD! I have no recollection of asking for it this year (I did ask last year, but didn't get it), but I must have marked it in the KnitPicks catalog I gave to the Hubster as a shopping guide. Yay!

Oh, and what did I get for the Hubster? A book, a new electric razor and this

Yep. I just happened to be at Costco when they put out a whole flat of Wii, so I snatched one up. Now you see why the basement had to be cleared out. It’s the official Wii Area, since that’s where the bigger TV lives!

In other news, as much as I loathe Black Friday, I really kind of enjoy the day-after-Christmas sales. I buy all of my Christmas cards for next year at 50% off and hit some other sales as well.

Mom and I hit the stationery store at the Galleria, You’re Invited (stationery) in downtown Mt. Lebanon, the kinda pathetic sale at Quilters Corner, Trax Farms (I got a bunch of clearance Xmas stuff, including all new extension cords for the outdoor lights for next year, since what we have out there now is, in a word, scary) and then I hit Michaels. That’s where I probably got my favorite single item of the day

It’s a snowman basket for all of our incoming Christmas cards! And I think it was just $3. I love clearance sales! I’m hoping that by next year, we’ll have an entryway table of some sort for this basket and the two awesome snowmen that I have purchased in the last two months that are itching to be displayed. I'll pick snowmen and penguins over santa 90% of the time. I just feel like they have a longer shelf life ... more "winter" than "christmas"

Today I got the rest of what I wanted to acquire to store all the holiday junk in the attic. 2 more red/green tubs for Christmas stuff, and I actually found a purple/black Halloween tote (!!!) for $3. Yay, clearance, again!! I figure we’ll do the packing up and putting away of the Xmas junk in two weeks, since Tree Recycling is January 12. No sense in putting away most of the stuff and leaving a naked tree sitting in its stand if you ask me.

OK. My headache is not-so-politely asking for a nap, so I think I’ll give in. I hope Santa brought you what you wanted for Christmas … or that you found it at a bargain in the last 72 hours!


MollyBeees said...

I always buy my Xmas cards the day after Xmas too but this year I was flying so I didn't. I always make them out on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so next year when I am panicking because I can't find them, please remind me that I didn't buy any OK? LOL

Jenn said...

Ooh I need to go find next year's Christmas cards. I'll probably get them when I buy next year's calendar.

We were going to get ourselves a Wii but then we couldn't find one and then our old GPS started acting weird, so we got a new GPS unit instead. We'll try the Wii again next year!


mehitabel said...

Nifty deals! I didn't make it to any of the sales this year, since I'm on a clear-the-decks binge, but in the past it's been a great source of good stuff. I like the Harmony Guides but am not buying the new ones, since I like the Barbara Walkers better and I also have the Vogue Stitchionary set as well. I mean, how many patterns does one knitter need?

SJ said...

Nice shopping mojo! We were in the car coming home the day after Christmas, and the driver (my father) didn't want to stop for any shopping. Maybe this weekend we'll manage to find some stuff still there.

Anonymous said...

Dang, a Wii! My favorite game is still Wii Sports (golf first, and then tennis & bowling behind that).

Have you gotten any additional games yet?


Jen said...

Enjoy the Wii - those are so fun!!