Friday, December 21, 2007

YPF: Zen Yarn Garden

Before we get to the yarn ... As Marie said in her blog post today, all the coolest people are born on the solstice (today). I tend to agree … HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! :)

So we had our little White Elephant swap at Hurricane Knitters on Wednesday night. My draw number was #2, so I picked SJ’s package. She’s a major sock knitter and suggested the swap, so I knew she’d bring something good!

Meet my newest yarn. It’s Zen Yarn Garden!

Handpainted Superwash Merino. Sport weight, 280 yards/4 oz

Gague is advertised as 6-7 sts/inch on a US4-6 needle.

I’ll probably make some sort of heavier-weight socks with them. These are not my normal colors, but it’s a yarn I’ve been wanting to try. And seriously. It’s socks. Does it really make a difference if they’re a funky color? I think not!

I had a couple of interesting field trips today, but It’s late and I’ve been getting little “pokes” in my email and comments asking where this post is, so I have to get my posterior in gear and get this posted, yes?

Two other quick things: 1. My old boss just texted me that he just got a reference call from yesterday’s job opportunity. I think he thinks I’m in pretty damn good shape for this job, which would rock. 2. My problem with Bryant Gumbel (see yesterday's post) is that he’s a journalist (remember him on the Today show?) who is trying to be an announcer and he makes … way … too many mistakes when he’s calling a game. He's great in the news magazine/scripted format, but not so much with live action. I have issues with this because it’s my job to make guys like him sound good, and in some cases it’s impossible. I just hope he tries to sound good and at least does his homework. :)

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SJ said...

I'm so glad you like the yarn. I was going to try to stretch myself and make socks with it, but in the end I just couldn't bring myself to go orange, even for a new yarn. I knew someone else would appreciate it more than I if I brought it to the swap, so I'm glad to hear it found a welcoming home!