Friday, December 07, 2007

Steamroller? Check!

Yes, I feel like I’ve been steamrolled. My body hurts and I seem to have “popped” the morton’s neuroma in my right foot (ouch). Fortunately, there’s a very strong chance that all will be right with the world following a good night’s sleep.

Between fighting with the snow on the driveway for three straight days (this is a task than CANNOT be ignored. If you ignore our driveway, it turns into a sheet of ice. NOT good.) and spending waaaay too much time in the last 36 hours with very nice people that have initials after their names like MD or RN (everyone is FINE, thankyouverymuch), I feel like I’ve been flattened by a steamroller. [NOTE: General busy-ness caused the body hurting. Walking caused the foot thing. I'm even more fine than the "everyone" to whom I so vaguely refer, so don't worry. I'm just tired. Really!]

I don’t remember the last time I was ready for bed before 9 pm, but I sure am tonight!

In nicer news, it’s supposed to warm up and melt tomorrow. Normally, I like to see the snow stick around for as long as possible, but I won’t be able to enjoy the snow until I know that: 1. the sprinkler system really did drain properly, 2. I’ve gotten as many leaves as possible off of the lawn and that 3. I have Santa on the roof of the porch and lights on our outdoor trees. Wish me luck!

In other news RT, my mom and I went to tea at the Gilfillan Farm yesterday

It was a tea for the Hospital Auxiliary. It was nice enough, and we got a tour of the home afterwards and that was really interesting.

When I (finally) got home last night, I found this

It was a box from one of my extra-awesome quilting buddies from California, (blogless) Sandy! And here’s what was inside:

I opened the box at the end of a very taxing day and it brought me to tears. I’m really lucky to have such awesome friends. In case you can’t read the post-it, it says “These are for your tree. One of these has been on our tree, however, it has your name written all over it! Open now!”

I'm assuming the re-assigned California ornament would be the Penguin ornament (I collect Penguins. Penguins, fabric and yarn. Yeah, That's all that I collect!). The Santa ornament is fantastic too. Sandy and her daughter, Deb are both world-class cross-stitchers. Wow. I was really blown away when I opened these, and I’m still pretty excited about them. And no, I haven't dipped into the cookies yet, but believe me -- I will! Now we just need to get a tree and start decorating!

Mom and I did well at the All-Clad factory sale today at the Washington County Fairgrounds. I got exactly what I was looking for, which is nice. Sale ends tomorrow (Saturday) if you’re local. I’m still thisclose to finishing the Steelers scarf. I figured out why I was having so much trouble with the Monkey sock on Sunday night (I had written the pattern onto my crib sheet incorrectly). The driveway and front walk are clear. I’m going to bed.

Have a great weekend!

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SJ said...

I certainly hope you got the good night's sleep you needed! I actually went home from work early on Friday because I was feeling crummy; I think I needed a good night's sleep, too.

Looks like, for the next week at least, you won't have to do battle with the snow on the driveway.

Love the penguin!