Monday, December 31, 2007

Amazing Race Sunday: They U-Turned WHO?

Late posting. Lost the battle for the remote, so I started watching at 11:30. Why am I apologizing? 75% of you won’t read past this paragraph!

Travel to Mumbai (neé Bombay), India
Departures from Florence: Nick/Don 10:12 pm, Nick/Jen 11:55 pm, Ron/Christina 1:06 am, TK/Rachel 2:11 am, Kynt/Vyksin 3:23 am

OK. If I wasn’t blogging this show, I never would have noticed this. Did you see the times above? Did you see that Kynt and Vyksin were over and hour behind TK & Rachel to finish the last leg? The editing last week made it seem like there were mere moments between the two arrivals. Like they out-sprinted to the mat. Sure it was minutes. 72 minutes!

Nick/Don and Ron/Chris got reservations on the web before getting to the airport. The other three teams had to wait until the airport opened at 4:30 am. Then the ticket office opened at 5:30. Kynt & Vyksin decided to start at Lufthansa then went over to Air France. Only Nate and Jen were able to match the Air France flight that the Web Folks got.

First flight (through Paris, delayed in Paris, arrival 11:05 pm): Nick/Don, Ron/Chris, Nate/Jen.
Second Flight (first to arrive, 10:30 pm): Kynt/Vyksin
Third Flight (Lufthansa, 1:05 am arrival): TK/Rachel

Of course, the newspaper stand where they got their next clue opened at 6 am, so everyone got to sleep on the street in Bombay (ewww).

All the teams struggled to find the ad in the newspaper that was their next clue. Kynt/Vyksin were first to find the clue, then Ron/Christina, TK/Rachel, Nick/Don, Nate/Jen. Nate and Jen started snarking at each other very early in the day. I love that when Jen started her little freak-out, Nate sneaked a look over at the camera dude as if to say “help!” Classic!

Nick/Don had the best rickshaw driver and arrived first at the clue box. Remaining order was Ron/Christina, TK/Rachel, Kynt/Vyksin (their Speed Bump was right off the bat), then Nate/Jen

Speed Bump (Kynt & Vyksin ONLY): Perform Yoga
Not too challenging, just time consuming

Detour: Paste ‘em or Thread ‘em
Paste ‘em: Correctly paste a 6-panel Bollywood poster onto a wall
Nick/Don had a bad taxi driver on the way to past ‘em and arrived second. They were very methodical and made up the time lost in transit • Ron/Christina – Well, Ron reverted to form almost immediately, shouting at Christina and telling her she was being too cheap with the paste to hang the Bollywood posters, then started yelling at each other. Especially when Nick/Don finished first. Christina understood how their poster wasn’t aligned correctly but Ron couldn’t handle it. Yikes.

Thread ‘em: Create a 108-flower lei and deliver to a nearby bridegroom to receive clue
TK/Rachel – Rachel works in a floral shop and cruised on this. They were the first to finish this task. • Nate/Jen – The happy campers arrived snarking right off the bat. They really lost it when Kynt/Vyksin showed up before they were finished with their garland. The best part? Jen thought that the “bridegroom” was an elephant before they figured it out. Yikes! • Kynt/Vyksin – Slow and steady wins the race. They were very close behind Nate/Jen when they finished the task

TK/Rachel were first to arrive and chose to not use the U-turn. Nick/Don were next then Ron/Christina. None of the first three used the U-turn despite the fact that it was the last one on the course. Ya know, I kind of hope Kynt/Vyksin can U-turn Nick/Jen. Karma! And??? AAAUUUGHH!!! Kynt was sure Nate/Don were behind them so he chose to U-turn them instead of Nate/Jen. Wow. WOW. This is the turning point in the leg.

Road Block: Deliver Propane Gas (participating team member listed in order of arrival)
Nick: Had trouble with directions, but was second to finish. Nick was looking really bad at the end of the leg and had to stop the cab to the Pit Stop, apparently to puke. Here’s hoping he can rest up for the next leg!
Ron: He insisted that he could do it, apparently forgetting that he had a hernia. He wound up pushing a person in addition to his propane. Hysterical! Third to finish
TK: Very methodical. First to finish!!
Kynt: Couldn’t figure out the brakes, which was pretty amusing. Got lost. Beat out Jen for the elevator, which was pretty funny. Was quite close behind while finishing last. Of course, he also screwed up the receipt stuff and had to go back.
Jen: Found the places quickly, but forgot her receipt. This is a very Jen thing to do. Her second customer pointed out that she forgot her receipt. Nick/Jen really screwed up thinking they could walk to the pit stop. This should be a real sprint to the finish!

Pit Stop: Bandra Fort
1. TK and Rachel. Yay! They are my favorites. Very even-keel and they work well together as a team. 2. Nick/Don, 3. Ron/Christina and the end result is???

4. Nate/Jen, 5. Kynt/Vyksin

It was that stupid U-turn. That was their chance to stay in the race. I can totally believe what Lime 'n Violet's Violet said about Vyksin being a truly sweet person (Vyksin is Miss V's cousin-in-law). I’m not so wild about Kynt, but they seem like basically decent people. I would much rather have seen Nate/Jen go home, but it wasn’t up to me.

Back tomorrow! I hope to post before RT, the Hubster, the parents and I head out for First Night Pittsburgh tomorrow night. Happy New Year!

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crosstoc said...

I couldn't believe they didn't UTurn Jenn and her partner! Ugh! I'm really rooting for Don and Nick and then TK & Rachel. Happy New Year all.