Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ketchup and Catching Up

Well, I’m firmly ensconced at the Big Ketchup Bottle in the boring bits of work. At some point, I’ll be relieved from my phone-answering duties to get some dinner, but until then, I may as well catch up on recent events while waiting for the start of SNF.

If you’re here looking for my weekly Amazing Race recap, you’ll have to wait until I can watch it tomorrow. Hopefully by lunch-ish, eastern time.

Anyhoo, here’s the rest of our trip from last week.

Roaming Tigger, meet George Washington. General, meet RT:

That’s from the Welcome Center at Valley Forge. I would have liked to spent a tiny bit more time there, but we did the welcome video then hopped onto the 10-mile tour loop. They also have a walking/biking trail available to tour Valley Forge. That would have been awesome in better weather. They even have bike rental available. Lots of people were out walking or running on the path.

First stop was a replica of the barracks cabins that the Valley Forge soldiers built when they arrived at the encampment.

Of course, these cabins are of much higher quality than those constructed out of logs and clay by the men that had to live in them. Can’t have random structures falling on tourists now, can we?

One of the last stops was George Washington’s headquarters complex at Valley Forge. It’s the original house that was there when GW was, and there were two “docents” ready willing and able to answer our questions

We had lunch at the Washington Memorial Chapel, which was built in the very early 1900s. It was a nice enough structure, although the actual chapel was quite dark and a little bit … odd. But the gift shop was nice and lunch was adequate.

Since I totally missed Yarn Pr0n Friday, here’s the yarn I bought at almost 50% off at the Jinny Beyer Studio. It’s Elsebeth Lawold Classic AL

50% baby alpaca, 50% merino. 109 yards. Worsted weight. It’s more of a burgundy than this picture shows, but you know cameras and reds. I have 14 balls, which should be plenty to make a sweater. Eventually.

And why did I miss YPF? Well, I was done for the day after fighting the Battle of the Bulge in Leaf Wars 2007TM. I’ll have to go out and rake one more time, but this is what I accomplished on Friday mid-day.

Mt. Lebanon has leaf pick-up off the streets weekly. Front-yard leaves go out onto the street, backyard leaves go over or around the fence, over the hill into the woods. One more Leaf Wrangling day and I should be done for the fall.

OK. My relief should be here any minute, so I should get this posted. Hope you had a good weekend!


Jenn said...

At least Mt. Lebanon picks them up off the street, in Scott Township, we have to bag them and public works picks them up. Last Thursday was the last day of pickup and so last Monday, in the rain, Tom and I had to rake the leaves down our hill. Then on Wednesday, we had to pick up the still-wet leaves and bag them. Fun! At least our yard is small and it didn't take long.

SJ said...

We have to bag our leaves, too. Fortunately, we have such a small yard that it doesn't amount to that many leaves and half of them are the neighbors'. The real PITA is the pine needles in the back that like to pile up on my car.

crosstoc said...

We don't have leaves, let alone curb pick up!!!!!!!!! Well, okay some leaves in the back from the neighbor's tree. The gardner gets them. However, after the Santa Ana's we have lots of palm fronds. As for AR - it was the karma thing.